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Showing love for your pet does not mean going overboard with pet supplies. Buying too much will not only drain your wallet, but also clutter your home with pet supplies you pet will never use. Buy wisely - get only the pet supplies your pet truly needs. Here are ideas. Food and water bowls. Your pet will be using this for years, so do not scrimp. Plastic may be cheap, but remember that it can get quite difficult to clean as it ages and tends to be discolored. Go for stainless steel if you can. They last longer and are easier to scrub spotless. They are also safer, as they don't react to pet food chemicals. If you have extra money, you can have your pet's name engraved on the bowls to make them more personalized. Grooming supplies. If you have a dog, buy a coat brush, nail clippers and good shampoo. Used properly and regularly, these can help you keep your beloved canine clean and huggable. Traveling supplies. If you often travel with your pet, you need special supplies such as harnesses and well-ventilated, hard-sided kennels, for example. You also need a bag for bringing your pet's grooming supplies and meds with you wherever you go. If you are traveling by car, it's a good idea to get an adjustable pet car seat that can grow with your pet. A few toys. Expensive pet toys are not necessarily the best pet toys. Your dog or cat can enjoy even the simplest playthings, such as old socks. But if you have extra money, treat your pet to a fancy toy or two. It will keep him or her busy so that you can attend to other important things. Active toys also let your pets exercise while having fun. But before you buy pet toys, read the label first - be sure to choose only toys that pass safety tests.

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==== ==== To shop for your pet, come and visit: ==== ====

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