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Pet supply stores are getting better than ever. They are now more than just a dependable source of all basic pet needs such as pet food, pet medicines and pet accessories - they offer a whole "lifestyle" experience for your pets, as well. Walk-in stores. Most pet supply stores now allow you to bring your pet in the store to try out products. There's no more need to guess. Bring your pet to make sure that the accessories fit and look good and also to see if your pet likes your selection. Pet spas. Now, you can get your pets groomed and cleaned right in some pet supply stores. Some stores give free dog shampoos or cat nail clipping when you their grooming products and/or reach a minimum amount of purchase. Value-added service. Some pet stores go the extra mile of tracking your pet's needs so that you don't have to. Just sign up for their free complete care packages and the store will send you pet foods and supplies on a regular schedule, before they run out. Having trouble keeping track of vaccinations and regular checkups? Let the pet supply stores do it for you. They will give you a call or send you mail when your pet needs to be taken for health checks. Online presence. Most pet supply stores now have Web sites from where you can shop. Say goodbye to traffic, heat or cold and long checkout lines. Just log on, order, and your pet supplies will be delivered to your doorstep. Best of all, shopping online lets you quickly check out several pet supply stores and compare prices and brands in just a few clicks. Prices of online pet supply store products are also very competitive - they are competing, so they are forced to offer the lowest price they could to get your business. Most of them even provide free shipping when you meet minimum order requirements.

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==== ==== To shop for your pet, come and visit: ==== ====

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