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Dr. Michael Acurio: How Physiotherapy Helps Relieve Joint Pain

Managing Pain Conditions like osteoarthritis cause a lot of physical pain, and medication is usually prescribed to help deal with that pain. However, engaging a physiotherapist can help you learn additional ways of managing the pain. Between appointments with your doctor, you can learn other treatments like using ice packs on swollen joints, heat packs to relieve tense muscles, and use of splints on painful joints.

Go Easy Moving around too much can increase arthritis symptoms, but so can a sedentary lifestyle. A physiotherapist will help you find the optimal activity level that ensures you don’t overdo it. Finding the right balance helps you keep doing the things you love while managing any joint pain

Fitness Staying active when you have arthritis is very necessary. Many people are hesitant to exercise because they think doing so will increase the pain and cause more damage. However, the body’s joints are designed to facilitate movement, and the tissues around them can become weak with a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise not only keeps you healthy, but it also improves your mobility and keeps weight at a manageable level.

About Dr Michael Acurio Dr Michael Acurio is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery and Board-certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons. Dr. Michael Acurio has been named the Bossier town’s favorite orthopedist three years in a row by the Bossier Press-Tribune. Dr. Michael Acurio likes to stay active through running, having competed in numerous 5- and 10k races.

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Dr Michael Acurio - Procedures to Find Relief for Joint Pain  

By consulting with other doctors, Dr Michael Acurio can recommend treatment options like physiotherapy, whose primary goal is to reduce pain...

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