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Notes: L.N.E.R. and BR A2 locomotives comprised 4 distinct sub-classes, the first, BR 60501-06 originally appearing in 1943 as rebuilds of Gresley's 2-8-2 P2 class, boilers shortened by 2 ft. Edward Thompson's design differed from Gresley's in that his Pacifics had a longer wheelbase, with the centre cylinder driving the front axle, with Walschaert's valve gear operating all three cylinders. Next of the A2 class in 1944 were locomotives originally ordered as V2 class 2-6-2s but had B1 front bogies, 19" diameter cylinders and steam reversers, but retained V2 boilers. Next in 1946 were new Thompson designs with 250 lb boilers, 30 were ordered, the final fifteen had modifications by Peppercorn including repositioned cylinders and shortened wheelbase. 60526, 29, 32-3 and 60538 were later rebuilt with double blast-pipes. The locomotives were especially good for fast heavy goods in Scotland, on the Waverley Route and East Coast Main Line, and were often used also on fast heavy passenger trains. Some commentators thought the locomotives were over-endowed with steaming capacity for the lighter mixed traffic work to which they were sometimes put, the large firebox grate area requiring relatively inefficient style of firing, but they were well-liked by many crews especially on hilly and curved routes with heavy trains, work in which they excelled. The P2 rebuilds were judged lacking in adhesion compared to their famous antecedents. One A2 was recorded as exceeding 101mph down Stoke Bank in the 1960s. Withdrawals began in late 1959 with first of the P2 rebuilds, with some of the other engines especially the Peppercorn engines lasting until 1965-66. 60532 'Blue Peter' has been preserved. 60537 'Bachelors Button' was a Haymarket engine, withdrawn in December 1962 and eventually cut up in 1964. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Model Railway Express Issue One December 2016  
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