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certainly not face the same challenges as experienced with ‘N’. As for the placing of locomotives and the rolling stock onto the track, again due to the size I would easily expect this to be accomplished by the young novice or those of a certain mature age. For me the advantages for any manufacturer are fairly obvious but it would take a brave company with money to spare for a viable range of ‘TT’ products to be produced. However, I would suggest that the advantages of investing in a completely new range and scale could in my opinion outweigh much of the financial risk. Consider the situation where ‘00’ is at the moment. The available and financially worthwhile models that have not been produced is fast diminishing, if not already exhausted and therefore before too long I would suggest that such manufacturers will be forced to look for new areas in which to develop their business. The signs are already there with Bachmann beginning to develop a more than impressive range of ‘009’ products and although Hornby maybe having some issues at the moment I am sure that once they have sorted themselves out they too will be looking for fresh fields. As can be imagined I have given the idea of a commercially viable ‘TT’ range some considerable thought and although I might be branded some form of fantasist I believe that over a three year period a respectable range of ‘TT’ items could be created which would feature ‘classic’ locomotives, assorted coaches including BR Mk1 and Pullmans, various freight wagons and brake vans, plus ten track sections including points and crossovers. A combination of all these elements would also make possible the creation of train sets which would be a key element in establishing the scale with not only the young but for those of a more senior year who are looking towards model railways but consider that they have no space of ‘00’ and that ‘N’ is just too small. The payback on investment would greatly depend on the promotion and advertising but I would hazard a guess that by the end of the third or forth year the range would certainly have paid for itself. As mentioned it is my considered opinion that whoever takes the plunge will have to invest heavily in promotion both in advertising and exhibition attendance. I also do not kid myself that it would not initially be an easy sell but very quickly I can see, once the advantages had been highlighted that resistance would turn to acceptance. The question is though, is there room for another mainstream scale? Obviously I believe there is but at the detriment of ‘N’ scale. Will I ever see ‘TT’ become a scale of choice for the majority in my lifetime? I doubt it but at least I can dream. I am also well aware that there will be many who will disagree with my thoughts so I look forward to reading the responses in the next issue of Model Railway Express eMagazine. © KOHLERcoms

Model Railway Express Issue One December 2016  
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