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Berko Lighting from Online Models Ltd

Review by Dave Scott A while ago I obtained some examples of Berko Lighting from Online Models Ltd. I had been pondering as to where they would fit on my layout. I guess not being good at wiring and a bit of a novice at accessory wiring, I had put them on the back burner. Having seen other layouts with lights and always enamored with the effect, I thought it would be good to at least wire them up. Just to see how they worked and looked. The lights were well presented and individually boxed with the simple wiring instructions on the reverse of the packaging. A good start for a novice. A simple 12V. accessory feed from a controller was all that was required plus a chock block to use as a connector. I added a switch so that the lights could be turned on or off as required I felt that it would be easier to try and wire up to make sure all was working as a "jury" rig before placing in position on the layout. When ready for final placement it will become necessary to extend the cables provided on the lights so that the feed, once placed beneath the baseboards can be reached. The lights will also need to be glued in place, as they are extremely lightweight. The lighting effect is good and they are excellent value for the money. A good addition to those modeller’s who wish to have "night effects" with no hassle I fully recommend the product. Product links: Twin spot yard lamp Dustpan single tall yard lamp Station gas lamp See also the YouTube video of New Yard Lights at Everard Junction Â

Model Railway Express Issue One December 2016  
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