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(Photo Andy York / RM Web) The NQR Wagons come in packs of three. The packs available are: Part


NQR001 NQR 3 pack #65,84,91 All wagon red NQR 3 pack #85,64,12 Two wagon red, one NQR002 faded brown NQR003 NQR 3 pack #10,26,123 all faded brown NQR004 NQR 3 pack #13,32,203 all brown NQR005 NQR 3 pack #56,105,213 mixed brown NQR006 NQR 3 pack unlettered red NQR007 NQR 3 pack unlettered brown NQR008 NQR 3 pack unlettered faded brown NQR 3 pack #10,65,203 one of each paint NQR009 version NQR 3 pack #26,84,213 one of each paint NQR010 version

Model Railway Express Issue One December 2016  
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