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Market Havering Station Building By Trevor Wright Although I have built several Metcalfe and Scalescenes kits this was my first attempt at complete scratch building and will be the main station building for my new Market Havering & Parmouth, N Gauge, GWR layout. The location of my layout is fictitious but it’s set ‘somewhere Southwest of Exeter’ during the glorious summer of 1947 in the period immediately prior to the nationalisation of the railways and hypothesises that, after taking over the fictional Heathfield to Market Havering Branch Line from the South Devon Railway (SDR), the Great Western Railway (GWR) built a link from Market Havering to Ashburton to complete the loop and thus provide an alternative ‘relief’ route between Totnes and Exeter. It also surmises that the present Lord Havering’s father had been one of the original driving forces within the SDR and had, in fact, paid for the construction of Market Havering Station which probably accounts for its somewhat unusual design features and above average size for what was, after all, a comparatively rural backwater. That’s my story anyway, and I’m sticking to it. Since the route was originally built by the SDR I wanted a station building that broke away from the archetypal GWR design and, during my searches on the Internet for unusual GWR station buildings, I found pictures of Codsall station, the design and details of which I found quite charming. Similar to my own hypothetical route, Codsall station was originally built by the Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton, Dudley and Birmingham Railway in 1844, which became the Shrewsbury & Birmingham Railway (S&BR) in 1849. The S&BR then merged with the GWR in 1854 and the earliest photograph I have found seems to have been taken around this time. You will see from the photographs that the station buildings have evolved over time including the addition of a second storey to one part of the building to provide accommodation for the Station Master, so I have based my building on the pictures taken circa 1952 but with the original, pre-BR platform canopy.

Model Railway Express Issue One December 2016  
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