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So, foolish me. Having been roped into the last club show (sorry, I think I’m supposed to call it an exhibition), I have volunteered to do the catering at this year’s. I did have tremendous fun last year driving round the district very early in the morning, bumping up on grass verges and heaving himself out to tie strange signs around lamp posts and other bits of street furniture at strategic points around the town. Obviously, who wouldn’t? By the time said errand was complete and I arrived back at the venue I was then deputed to help in the Caff. By this time it was nearly opening time and not only were the Burcos not on but there wasn’t even a jug or similar receptacle of suitable size to negate the need for about a million trips to the (not adjacent) tap to fill them. By now, of course, there were traders and exhibitors trying their best to enquire politely when there would be tea available. And you need to understand too that the refreshments had been purchased by a man with a cash & carry card (who had clearly been like a kid in a sweetie shop) and who had little awareness of the practicalities of serving things like cup cakes with huge butter icing tops in a school class room. Despite tea-gate and kids with icing in their hair the day ended pretty well with almost everything sold but with me rashly saying ‘I’ll do the shopping next year’. So here I am folks; ordering sandwiches, taking a day off work to go cash & carry shopping and digging out my big Pimms jug so I can fill the Burcos the evening before this year’s show. More next time, I’m sure…………………… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Model Railway Express Issue One December 2016  
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