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Tipping a coal wagon I have built a coaling tower that is more or less based upon the one at Grantham and looking like a typical Henry Lees structure. However, I am not too clear about the sequence of movements involved in tipping the feed wagon. This initially sits on a platform adjacent to the bucket and hopper and that is raised on one side but somehow to me this does not angle enough to empty its load. I have seen photographs, albeit not that distinct, where the wagon is tilted but nothing that shows movement beyond that stage. There are, too, a few models that I have seen on the web but none show the wagon feed arrangement. Am I correct in assuming that there is something further in the way the wagon is 'upended' such as the platform rising even more than in these photos because I cannot see how the coal could empty without it being almost upside down? I should say it is my intention to make this a working operation on the layout. Hopefully somebody out there may even have seen this aspect of shed practice in real life or better still documented it so any help would be really useful. Here is a photo. The wires coming out of the side power a motorised chute so that coal can be emptied into the tender. It is now further on than this photo and the hopper pit is cut ready to fit the wagon platform.

At present I am also constructing a Walsworth etched coal hoist and I learnt that the coal was fed to smaller wagons which ran on a narrow gauge track in between sidings proving that there are things to discover in our hobby that are not always evident in photographs. As ever model railways keep our brain cells active all the time!

Graham Hobbs

Model Railway Express Issue One December 2016  
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