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Readers’ Letters This issue’s star letter Is “0” gauge becoming the new “00” gauge? A strange title you may think but please read on. So much has been written about how our hobby is being sustained by the over 50’s/60’s etc who have found that they now have time and financial resources to indulge in railway modelling. Whilst “N” gauge models have come on “leaps and bounds” and such layouts do not need as much space, many elderly modellers find the models too small. For many, “00” gauge rules the roasts as it has done for many years but I have a sense of a real resurgence towards “0” gauge modelling even through costs are much higher. I have even noticed that at some exhibitions the number of “0” gauges layouts is of the greater number these days. I was most impressed with a new layout that I saw in the Autumn, which was the owner’s first venture after early retirement. The layout had even been built to finescale “0” gauge and, although I am personally an entrenched “00” man, I complimented the owner on his excellent efforts. New standards in “0” gauge ready to run have really reach new heights with quality large diesel locomotives from Heljan, whilst Dapol have so far gone for the small locomotives of which are very attractively priced. There are also a number of independent retailers who are also producing very attractive models in particular of the industrial locomotive range. The release of the SR “Terrier” and BR Class 08 offers the chance for those who want to venture into the large gauge at prices which are vying with the increasing cost of “00” gauge models. When the larger locomotives of the “00” gauge first past £100 I advocated that manufactures should possibly turn to releasing more small types, i.e. tank engines etc, but even these models have now broken through the £100 mark. In fact as I write some new releases of small tank engines are now touching £160; such a price would be unbelievable a few years ago. Compare this to a “0” Gauge Terrier in the region of £200 and “0” gauge becomes a very attractive alternative. Added to which there is a very good range of new ready to run wagons also coming on stream. We have also seen a major retailer now commission new “0” Gauge models of Gresley Pacifics so the market must be there. Whilst I still feel “00” gauge will continue to be to the fore, I can see a very serious challenge developing over the next few years as more and more good quality “0” gauge comes on board. Definitely some food for thought for new and potential railway modellers.

John Cherry

Model Railway Express Issue One December 2016  
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