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Handy Hint Cleaning files By Rick Folwer To clean your files after shaping your metal or plastic get yourself a file card. It is a special stiff wire brush type of gadget made just for cleaning files. Also try the tip of a hobby knife blade for stubborn stuff that gets stuck in the grooves. Chalking the file first helps prevent material from sticking so tightly so just use any old stick chalk you have handy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From The Editorial Team We hope you like the new Model Railway Express eMagazine. We’ve collected together a selection of varied articles, which we hope you like and we have a stack more ready for future issues. But we very much want the new eMagazine to be ‘by the readers for the readers’. Built a new model?, Bought a new tool? Been to an exhibition and seen something different?, Had a great day out? Found a cosy railway themed pub? Write us an article and send it in along with some photos and we’ll slot it in. By sharing our experiences and stories we can inspire each other and get the very best out of our shared hobby and common interests. Please submit articles to for issue 2 by 6th January 2017 Like it? Tell your friends. Don’t like it? Tell us why; what would you like to see more of (or less of)? We explained when we made changes to that to keep publishing we needed to attract advertising revenue to cover costs. And now we are pleased to welcome a number of new names on board as well as some old friends from MREMag. However, in order to continue to keep this new eMagazine free please do use our advertisers when you go shopping. Click on their adverts and visit their websites. Christmas is coming………….! For news and updates between eMagazine issues and also


Model Railway Express Issue One December 2016  
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