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Roger Lattimore has been fascinated by trains since the agen of 4 and was a trainspotter by 10! On retirement Roger started his layout based on the railways of his childhood (1956-9 Eastern Region). His station area is mostly scratch built and shows how his skills have developed from when he started 5 years before. His greatest satisfaction comes from trying something new outside his comfort zone and he urges everyone to give it a go! Dr Neale Monks has at different times been a marine biologist, palaeontologist, teacher and writer. Recently returned to the hobby he’s an N gauge man finding this scale the best way to squeeze plenty of railway action into a limited Neale believes layoutsouts are stepping stones through the hobby, each one useful for developing a particular skill or out new ideas. So while he’s yet to build his perfect layout, he takes pride in the skills he’s learned in the last few years. He’s thinks he’s pretty much nailed cliffs, but really must work on his track-laying, which sometimes verges on the dangerous! Robbie McGavin Ilists his interests as; steam era British railways, history, engineering, and making digital illustrations of engines and trains using RTR 00 models.


Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017