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Dave Scott’s interest in railways began with the railway at the bottom of hs childhood garden and developed into Model Engineering as a teenager. Returning to railways 17 years ago he bacame a driver on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway. Then came a move into modelling and then an actual house move. Dave now boasts the Settle-Carlisle railway at the bottom of his garden. He models 00 gauge based in Western region territory in the 1948 - 56. James Purves has been modelling for too many years to count. After a career in management James is now enjoying retirement and the chance to take up his boyhood hobby once more,. He has noticed that choice in the market has increased beyond recognition ane he’s learning new technical skills too. James enjoys visiting model railway exhibitions both local and further afield if he can make a day or weekend of it and tie in other railway related visits. Tony French has been involved in model railways for nearly 30 years and has been working in the industry since the age of 16. He is a fireman at the Great Central Railway, railway photographer and also now the proprietors of Tony’s Trains at Barby Model Rail Ltd.

Gareth Price has been a railway modeller for about 10 years and models his favourite period in OO gauge which is the Grouping period. His main area of interest is Grouping and Pre-Grouping wagons. And his other interest is amateur railway photography focussing mainly on preserved rolling stock

Edward Ford is a university student and in his spare time a fireman for both the Welsh Highland and Ffestiniog Railways. He spends his weekends firing from Porthmadoc to Caenarfon & back and enjoying the stunning Welsh scenery (he’s ‘done’ Snowdon more times than he cares to remember). He is also a 00 gauge modeller when studying and firing allow.


Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017