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D1016 Western Gladiator hustles some empty milk tanks back to the West Country; (Paul Toulmin) But the class might also be modelled in terms of ‘what might have beens’. One thing that never happened was the construction of the full one hundred locomotives that the Western Region had initially hoped for; instead, only 74 were built, split between Crewe and Swindon works. The locomotives that were never built did have named allocated to them, including D1077 Western Jewel, D1094 Western Legend, and D1096 Western Fury. Nameplates for these are certainly available in 4mm and 2mm scales from Precision Labels, and possibly from other vendors as well. Featuring these particular locomotives might not be strictly accurate, but it opens the door to thinking about how British Railways might have looked had the ‘Westerns’ been more favourably looked upon by central management. Other locomotives of their era lasted well into the 1980s, though their lack of electric train heating would surely have been a liability. Ironically for a class designed to haul express passenger trains, the ‘Westerns’ turned out to be outstanding heavy freight locomotives, and one clue to how they might have been used comes from the persistent rumour that ten machines were set aside after withdrawal… With the demise of the ‘Westerns’ other classes were now being used to haul Foster Yeoman’s aggregate trains, but the company was not impressed with the performance or reliability of these replacement locos. The story goes that Yeoman wanted some ‘Westerns’ of their own that they could use exclusively on their trains. While nothing came of this, Yeoman did buy one locomotive, 91

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017