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Unquestionably an attractive livery, it has been modelled by Lima, Heljan and Dapol over the years, though not always accurately. The Lima version has the cast aluminium crest printed on, which doesn’t entirely convince, and its bufferbeam is black, rather than red. Since it lacks yellow warning panels, it is only accurate for D1000 during the first eleven months of its life. Dapol has produced D1000 models in both 00 and N scale, though in both cases these were limited edition versions that are hard to come by now. The 00 version was produced exclusively for the GWR Steam Museum and limited to 400 pieces, while the N gauge version was exclusive to Osborns and limited to 200 pieces. Both feature proper three-dimensional crests under the appropriate cab windows, as well as red bufferbeams, though only the N gauge version has a yellow warning panel, so they model the same loco at slightly different times. The other experimental livery is golden ochre, a colour suggested by Brian Haresnape and similar to the improved engine green used on the LB&SCR. Only used on a single loco, D1015 Western Champion was released from Swindon Works in January 1963 sporting this unusual livery including its non-standard yellow panels. Like the maroon locos, but unlike the green and desert sand locos, this ‘Western’ didn’t have red bufferbeams and instead the bufferbeam was the same colour as the body. D1015 was repainted into standard maroon with small yellow panels towards the end of 1965, but has been reverted to golden ochre at various times in preservation. Heljan has produced models of golden ochre liveried D1015 and desert sand liveried D1000 in both 00 and 0 gauges, though the 0 gauge versions were 75-piece limited editions sold exclusively through Tower Models. An equivalent model from Dapol was also produced in 00 gauge, and again, this was a limited edition model produced for The Cheltenham Model Centre, limited to 300 pieces. Western Legends Like most classes of locomotive, the ‘Westerns’ had eventful lives that could form the basis of realistic operations on a model railway,

The ‘Westerns’ were strongly associated with the china clay traffice out of Cornwall as modelled here in 00 with a Western Dapol in charge of a short train of Bachmann wagons (Paul Toulmin) 90

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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