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Farish one. Whereas the Farish ‘Western’ lacks brake details on the bogies and uses a Hornby-like approach to the valances to ensure the loco can go around tight corners, the Dapol model has fully detailed bogies and is designed in such a way that the bogies can go around tight curves without the valances having to be compromised in any serious way. Finally, turning to the senior scale, Heljan released an O-gauge ‘Western’ in 2013, in the process making several improvements over their 00 version of the class. While kits had been available before, including ones from PRMRP and the Just Like The Real Thing Range, the Heljan ‘Western’ was the first ready to run model built to the 7mm scale. Front-end detailing The more recent model ‘Westerns’ all come with the inevitable bag of bits, including a variety of pipes or hoses to decorate the bufferbeam. While attaching these can interfere with the use of standard model train couplings, they do add a lot of personality to the front end of diesel locomotives. Looking at the bufferbeam head-on, the two outside ones at each end are the yellow main reservoir pipes. To the left of the screw coupling is a black hose, which is the vacuum pipe; to the right of the coupling is the silver steam heat pipe. Most but not all ‘Westerns’ had a fifth pipe, coloured red, just above the steam heat pipe, which was the air brake pipe. The ones that didn’t have air braking were D1017-D1020, which were deemed surplus to requirements and were all withdrawn by August 1973. However, since the dual-braked ‘Westerns’ didn’t receive their air brakes until they were overhauled between 1968 and 1973, the red air brake pipe is a feature of the blue-liveried ‘Westerns’ rather than green or maroon ones. The experimental liveries One piece of ‘Western’ trivia is that the only livery they all carried was rail blue with full yellow ends, which the class received between 1967 and 1972. While all the ‘Westerns’ received BR blue livery at some point only D1013 ‘Western Ranger’ had its nameplates painted red as portrayed here in N-gauge with a heavily weathered Dapol model 88

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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