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Bachmann BR Mk1 Non-Gangwayed Coaches By Pat Hammond The Prototypes: For many years we knew these as ‘suburban’ coaches, but this was an inaccurate description as the real vehicles were used on non-suburban services as well. They appeared on frequently stopping trains and so were often used on rural local services. They were without toilets and had denser seating. The brake seconds and composites could each seat 72 passengers. In the case of the composite coach, 24 of the seats were first class and contained in the middle three compartments. The coaches were built at Wolverhampton and Derby.

Bachmann Mk1 Sub C BR Maroon M41014 34-700c Model History: Bachmann introduced two non-gangwayed coaches with compartments in 1993 and these were a second class and a brake second. In 1996 they added an open second and a brake composite. To date over 50 variations have been released including red, maroon and blue liveries and even a Network Rail tool van.

Bachmann Mk 1Sub BSB Maroon 7

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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