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If this loco was to never turn a wheel it would still be a work of art. However, it is a working model, so the next logical question is how does the loco perform? The answer to that question is ‘superbly; the loco glides gracefully and smoothly through all pointwork without the slightest hint of a stall and will negotiate a 2nd radius curve with ease. We have not given our review sample a major load as yet, but she managed six Bachmann Mark 1 coaches with comparative ease and I would imagine a load of double that would be possible. The loco has an 8 pin socket located in the tender which has plenty of room to accommodate any chip you may desire. Although the operation to fit a chip raised the only major issue I have with the model. The screws to remove the tender top are rather difficult to reach without disturbing the brake detail on the tender. Is This Model Suitable For My Layout?: If you are an LNER or BR Eastern Region modeller then yes this loco is for you. Although most commonly seen on Great Eastern routes the class was noted to have performed on the majority of the LNER network during their careers. It certainly would be a good time to be modelling former GER routes as the Hornby B12 complements other Hornby products like the D16, B1, B17, J15 and Britannia class very well. As has been mentioned members of the class were noted running in the South West in the war years so potentially an option for GWR and Southern modellers during that period too.

With one member of the class being preserved she is also an option for modellers of the modern era. Personally I would want to renumber the model to 8572/61572 (dependant on livery) seeing as she is the only survivor of the class, for some reason Hornby seem to avoid producing preserved examples 84

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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