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I have a four track main line and the single track branch runs around the outer perimeter to the terminus which I have tried to make a true replica with some scratch built buildings! These skills I did not have ten years ago so this is most recently completed.  I have derived tremendous pleasure and satisfaction from what I have achieved so far and as the layout will never be finished I’m looking forward to more to come.

The Broxfield centre main lines change to side by side with the relief lines and the Ware, Hadham and Buntingford single track branch diverges

Buntingford is in Hertfordshire and was the country terminus of the now defunct single track Ware, Hadham and Buntingford Railway.  Ware is in the Lea Valley and is itself the penulimate stop on the branch line from Broxbourne to Hertford East (Ware is the home of the Wickham Trolley)!  Ware is unique in that the track is reduced to a single line through the station on an otherwise completely double track. Follow the progress of a branch line train as it makes it way along the branch to Broxfield!


Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017