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Bachmann LNER/BR Brake Vans By Pat Hammond

Bachmann make six styles of brake van and there are structural variations such as types of cladding and the varying position of the duckets, all of which require tooling variations and take in the needs of most modellers. Recent releases are new versions of the LNER/BR design. LNER Prototype: As will be familiar to most UK readers, the LNER design was adopted (with minor modifications) as the standard design by British Railways after nationalisation of the railways and once outstanding orders had been completed. The van had a small cabin with a narrow veranda at both ends and, beyond each veranda, there was a platform giving the impression that the chassis was too large for the body. However, the longer chassis (16ft wheelbase) ensured a steadier ride and improved visibility. On BR standard brake vans a low grab-rail was provided along the edges of the two platforms. Each van also had a ducket on either side to give the guard a view along the train. LNER/BR Model: The earliest Bachmann long wheelbase LNER/BR model used the former Mainline tooling and the earliest Bachmann examples were released in 1990. In 2002 a new model, with better detail, arrived and besides an all-planked type, one with flush sides was also released that year. The next year a flush ends type was also available. So far, a total of over 40 versions of all types have been released.


Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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