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Bachmann GWR 64xx Class Pannier Tank 31638 By James Purves

The Prototype: A total of 40 of these mixed traffic locomotives, designed by Charles Collett, were built between 1932 and 1950 at Swindon. They were all fitted with equipment for auto-trailer operation and were used on trips when something more powerful than a Class 14xx was needed. There were a number of detail variations within the class. Initially painted in GWR green, they received a black livery following Nationalisation. With a relaxing of livery controls, some were painted in lined green passenger livery. The last was withdrawn in 1964 and 3 have been preserved. The Model: This is compatible with the new BR auto-trailers and incorporates a number of features including: detailed buffer beam accessory parts with a screw-link coupling, connector boxes and piping for auto-trailer coach operation. They also have a DCC 6-pin decoder socket fitted and have a highly detailed cab and bunker area, with metal tool rest supports. Also included are all-round separate handrails, detailed top feed and turned metal water tank vents. The model has the new coreless motor and the tooling allows for two versions of the cab and bunker. 31-638 is numbered 6419 and is in weathered BR lined green (era 5). It has a 83D shed-plate and a recommended retail price of ÂŁ105.95. Also on its way from China is 31-636A which is in BR black livery with early BR decals (era 4). This version is numbered 6422 and carries an 84A shedplate. This other model has a pristine finish and a recommended retail price of ÂŁ95.95. 64

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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