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GWR 58752 (Gareth Price)

With the shadow of the First World War looming, the Iron Minks found a further use in the gunpowder traffic. Vans were converted for this traffic by having their doors replaced with thick metal doors and the vents being removed and covered with a panel. When the war ended, the vans were converted back to goods traffic. However when the Second World War commenced, several Iron Minks returned once again to gunpowder traffic. From 1937 onwards, several of these vans were loaned to the Southern Railway until the end of the war when they were returned to the GWR and resumed their goods traffic duties. This is the case with the preserved Iron Mink 58725 at the Severn Valley, which whilst being restored, was discovered to have been loaned to the Southern Railway during the Second World War. To help with the war effort, several Iron Minks were converted into special salvage vans and fitted with four internal separate bins. These vans would collect the salvage that was gathered at the stations, docks, offices etc and take it to one of the five Stores Department depots that dealt with it. To help them stand out, their livery was bright blue and lettered ‘Salvage Save for Victory’. So far only GWR 47305 and 47528 are known examples of Iron Minks that performed this service. 60

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017