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Hornby’s coke wagon is full of fizz By Tony French

In recent times the rise in the cost of wagons has often made many a modeller wince and the £21.99 RRP on Hornby’s latest release the LMS 20T coke hopper will be no exception to that trend I’m sure, but on close inspection will it meet up to the specifications of other recent wagon releases? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Attention to detail is stunning. The exterior of the wagon, the interior, chassis and underside have all received an equal level of attention from the Hornby design team, quite often areas out of sight were overlooked on earlier models. The wagon comes in three different liveries, LMS grey (available in two different running numbers), BR bauxite (also available in two different running numbers) and BR grey as a three pack. Whist the LMS variant features an all over grey appearance, the BR variants have the steel bodies painted but the planking still appears in bare board form, a correct reproduction but in some ways detracting from the appearance of the model slightly. Having said that paint, decals and wagon plates are beautifully applied and crisp.

For performance and practicality the model features both metal wheels which give a smooth running quality and NEM pocket couplings as well. The prototype (history by Gareth Price): The LMS 20T Coke Wagon was built by Birmingham C&W and Met Cam between 1930 and 1935 for the coke industry. They were built in three separate lots under the Diagram 1729 and were also built for various Private owners. LMS examples were built with 53

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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