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WELCOME Dear MRE Readers, Welcome to this this our second issue of Model Railway Express eMagazine. As many of you will appreciate the first issue was very much a learning curve for the MRE team but judging by the numerous and positive comments we have received via email and at the Warley show it seems that what we produced was, on the whole, appreciated. We, the team, would collectively be fooling ourselves if we thought that all was right in the first issue and I would certainly like to thank those who took the time to let our Editor have some very constructive comments which we have certainly made note of and will hopefully be detected in this issue. I did make mention in my last ‘Welcome’ that MRE Magazine is not meant to compete with other magazines, either published or available via the internet, but is a magazine put together by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. With this in mind some of the content will not be as polished as those that may appear in other publications but you can be assured that behind such articles is a passion and a desire to share knowledge and experience with like minded individuals. Please enjoy our latest offering and if you wish to comment and hopefully contribute please do so. The Editor’s ‘In Box’ is always open. The magazine is for all to read and enjoy but probably above all it is there so that like minded individuals can share information and experiences with others. Now that surely cannot be a bad thing.

Simon Kohler Chairman – DRM ePublishing Ltd


Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017