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Class 20/3 DRS had 10 Class 20s rebuilt by Wabtec between 1998 and 1999. These locos had plated cab and nose ends with Wipac lights fitted and increased fuel capacity with tanks in front of the cab and in the nose. Multiple Unit connectors were added to the ends allowing operation with other Class 20/3 locomotives.

The Class 20/3 models feature working head and tail lights, working cab lights and sprung buffers. The body has been completely retooled but will not replace the earlier one, which will continue to be used for earlier liveries. The three versions to be made initially are as follows: • 35-125 No.20306 in DRS blue livery • 35-126 No.20311 in Harry Needle Railroad Company yellow livery • 35-127 No.20312 in Direct Rail Services (Compass) livery Class 410 (4BEP) EMU The Class 410 (or 4BEP) electrical multiple units (7003 to 7012) were delivered from Eastleigh works in 1958/59. The 4BEP was conceived alongside the existing 4CEP to provide buffet accommodation and were often to be found as the centre 4 coaches in a 12-car formation between two 4CEP units, but could also be found running singularly or paired with a single 4CEP.


Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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