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Hornby’s Peckett takes the biscuit By Tony French

Hornby’s most surprising announcement of their 2016 range was the Peckett W4 0-4-0T. Often desired by many modellers was a ready to run ‘industrial’ loco (aside from the Hornby, exDapol, Hunslet Austerity and one or two ‘cottage industry’ products) and Hornby answered those calls with the small W4 class, but it the right choice though? The prototype: Designed and constructed by Peckett and Sons of Bristol, the W4 sat right in the middle of six classes of industrial loco (W2-W7) available ‘off the peg’ as it were to the customer. 140 of these charming little locos were produced from 1885 through to 1906 and supplied to various companies around the UK. Many examples surviving into the 1960s and a few into preservation. Biscuit company Huntley & Palmers had a W4, hence the headline! One issue with industrial locos is their histories can be very hard to trace. Whilst several examples of W4 have survived, at the time of writing I don’t believe there are any in working order. The Model: “What a little beauty!” proclaimed the Bishop Of Welchester to the Reverend Weech in the delightful Ealing Comedy ‘The Titfield Thunderbolt’ upon sight of ‘Thunderbolt’ and that expression seems a just first impression of this model. Although small, it is perfectly formed with every last detail perfectly applied by Hornby to produce three very detailed accurate examples of the W4. First up, is 563 ‘Dodo’ which is finished in Peckett’s in-house livery of Leaf Green which the locos were despatched in unless the customer requested their own livery, a very pleasant livery (not too different to LSWR green) with bold black and white lining applied 41

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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