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Livery Histories: D838 arrived in green in October 1960 and received yellow cab-front panels in May 1962. It was repainted in maroon in October 1966 and received a full yellow front in September 1968. It was not painted in blue. D841 arrived in December 1960 and was also in green. It received its yellow panels in September 1962 and remained like this until repainted into blue in September 1967.


By Cath Locke Having done a couple of railway dining trips recently here’s a tip if you’re doing something similar (or just having a day out on a preserved railway) and the windows are all steamed up. Take a small container of neat liquid soap with you and a packet of tissues. Using the tissues apply the soap to the windows. Don’t be too vigorous and work up a lather but smear it thinly accross the full extent of the window. As it dries it clears any condensation. I don’t know (nor need to know) the science behind it, I only know it works. Your fellow passengers will soon be asking if you’ve got any spare tissues and soap!

Another offering from the ediitor’s recent day out on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. This helpful sign is outside the engine shed.


Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017