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Feedback on Issue One That is positively excellent - (I) sat down and read it this past weekend! Yes, I think it’s bloody brilliant - Love the format...worked a treat on my tablet and the format was easy on the eye – Bryn The real version of the Mag. is great. The centre line shadow splits the pages very effectively. Also the ads are capable of being expanded on screen and the links appear to be working ok. I haven’t tried them all. Many congratulations to the whole team. – Dave Well done on getting the MRE Magazine up and running. Lots of interesting stuff in the first issue - Mike I personally think that you have made an excellent transition to your new format. Carry on with this style of magazine. Well done – David Lovingly done, very nicely presented…..Jim I have looked through the new magazine with interest, and have read some of it, and noted the adverts. No I did not read it cover to cover but then I would not read a paper mag cover to cover, which is why I do not buy them unless there is something of relevance, which is fairly seldom.  It looks good and is easy to navigate and it has jokes, nothing is bad if it has jokes. Chris Just been reading issue 1 of the new mag - appreciate the amount of work put into it…….I ended up downloading it as a PDF - a very large file but it made reading it much easier/clearer. - Chris


Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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