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Once the crew have set (if you have decided to fit them) the next stage is to refit the metal weight into the bunker and refit the metal weight and bunker assembly to the chassis and cab. Take care you don’t force it in, if the cab lifts it can be carefully pushed back into place. Once it is in, secure with the 2 screws from the bottom, and finally replace the vertical handrail on the cab side, which you put in a safe place at the very start. And finally, fill the bunker with real coal. There are lots of variations on tried and trusted methods all using PVA glue. Here is my version. Using a good quality PVA and brush, coat the top of the metal weight and sprinkle on lumps of coal around 2 - 4mm in size to form a base. Do not fill to top just yet. Using a mixture of 50/50 water and PVA just drip the PVA solution onto the coal in about 4 places. Fill bunker to the desired level, I aim to the original level, as I do not like to see overfilled coal bunkers. Then drip the solution again in 3 or 4 places: you should be able to see some white around the edges of the coal lumps. Do not worry: leave it overnight to set and it is complete


Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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