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Now using a flat file, file the remaining plastic coal out, take care not to catch the paint. I angled the file at about 5 degrees for the sides. The back is a bit more difficult because of the shape. I found the best way was to carefully scrape the remains of the coal with the knife blade, and then smooth with the flat file, there is no need to be too fussy, again take great care not to damage the paint. TOP TIP: If you feel happier you can mask the top edges, just to be on the safe side The half round shaped piece that was put on one side, now file off the remaining plastic, angle the file away from the painted edges, or tape up if this is preferable.

Remember drawing around this half round shape with a pencil on the rear cab wall? If you look at the cab there is a ledge about 4-5mm in width, the half round shape is now glued onto that shelf using the pencil marks as your re positioning guide. I would use liquid ploy to stick it in place, but use it carefully so you don’t damage the paint. The ledge will be covered by the real coal later, once it is stuck in place and dried, use warm water and a pointed tipped cotton bud to remove the pencil lines from the cab wall. (the photo shows the half round piece in place).


Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017