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Fitting real coal to a Bachmann pannier tank by Dave Wheatley

The Bachmann pannier tank is a very well detailed model but, to me it is slightly spoilt by the ever present moulded coal. It would be easy just sprinkle coal over the top, but it is then overfilled and I think that looks worse. (Some of you may be aware of my other project ‘Go that bit further’, where I replaced the moulded coal in the Hornby P2, we will use the same principles on the pannier tank) So how to replace it with real coal? Well it is not too difficult, just using basic modelling tools. I will be explaining how using my London Transport version First thing to do is carefully remove the vertical cab handle which goes from the coal bunker to the cab roof on the left side of the locomotive looking from the rear to the front of the loco. Store in a safe place, do this with care you do not want to damage it. Remove the rear coupling, just to make life easier, you should now be able to see 2 large screws, either side of the chassis, remove these, the coal bunker is now loose. Before you remove the bunker use a sharp pencil to mark where the half round shape sits against the rear cab wall, it will help later Remove the coal bunker from the loco by gently pulling it out and up at the same time , the cab may move as well but this is easily pushed back into place later. 26

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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