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I have read with great interest Simon Kohler’s article entitled The 3 M way. As you may remember we have discussed this topic at Margate when I had visited the Hornby facility with Richard Lines. As you know I fully support the return of ready to run TT model railways. Whether any commercial organisation would grasp the nettle and commit funds remains to be seen. You will remember I undertook an online survey, that is still live, to gauge what sort of response there would be for the return of TT3. There are currently 182 responses and 94% (168) of them would like to see its return which I think is quite encouraging. For anyone wishing to complete the survey they will need to go to can set you up with a password or link so that you can view the survey if you wish. Rob Hampton I have just received the two Hornby Southern cattle wagons. The BR livery model is of the earlier 1930s Diagram 1529 whilst the 1940s liveried model is the as delivered new Diagram 1530. Differences between the two are modelled and include brake gear, end walls and the roof. The 1529 has spoked wheels and the 1530 has 3 hole wheels. Particularly nice is the lip modelled on the bottom door, a detail which is apparent in photos but not obvious, the general moulding and finish, and the metal buffers. Comparison with the line drawings in OPCs Southern Wagons indicates an accurate model. Highly recommended and I’m hoping that Hornby will release 3 wagon sets of a large SR 1529 and BR 1530. Robert Inns 25

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017