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Letters I was interested to read Simon Kohler’s piece on TT gauge. It was the gauge of my first real layout and the fact that it was not produced after 1964 was long lamented by myself.  I had enough to give my eldest son for his first layout but it lacked the one thing that all children need when they have a railway, the ability to go to a shop and buy something and bring it home.  We made an annual pilgrimage to the Model Railway Exhibition in central London just to buy second hand stuff.  In the end we gave up.  We gave the lads a 00 set and as if I wanted anything new it had to be kit or scratch built I moved to 009 as at least there are R-T-R chassis. Having said that as I am now trying to fit a Cambrian Station onto a table 9ft in length the extra space created by a smaller scale would be useful.  Also I really like the size, and how it looks, not too big, not too small.  Also modelling the Cambrian means I am back to kit building and may have to kit build locos and chassis.  The plus side is the extra millimetre is so much better for my eyesight.  As for backdating model figures and painting them I do not wish to think about it. So do I think it would be a good idea?  Maybe, but i would not wish to buy into it in case I got my fingers burned again. Chris Nottage

I was interested in Simon’s article about TT - coming back to model railways I chose TT (with help from the 3mm Society) for the very reasons he made about ease of handling when in one’s later years. As regards a proprietary brand I wonder if it might be brave and launch in 14.2mm gauge and hence overcome the major problem of N and OO being too narrow a gauge when all the other dimensions are probably very accurate. The Hornby subsidiary Corgi has a a range of excellent static British model locos but in continental 1:120 scale rather than 1:100 - perhaps Simon has inside knowledge of why this scale was chosen by Corgi thus making the range too small for British TT modellers? Chris Chapman


Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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