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Memoirs of a model railway widow by Anne Onn Ring, ring…. ‘Hello’ ‘It’s me…’ ‘I know, the caller display says it’s you…’ ‘Are you busy….?’ Let me see, it’s 3.15pm on a weekday and I’m at work, so, you guess………….. Turns out he’s collected a visiting model railway club friend from the station, as arranged a while ago, and said friend has suggested a stop off on the way home. You can guess where. Only the online shopping delivery is due in 45 minutes and they were wondering if they should have another pint. And if they have another pint they can’t drive home. So, would I like to; a) Leave work early (like NOW) to be there for Mr Waitrose and then b) Walk into town (having put the shopping away, obviously) and drive them home? Now, it takes at least 35 minutes to get home (once I leave the car park) so before that I need to shut down my pc and gather my goods & chattels. And I know my car is running on fumes as I’d planned to call at the garage on the way home. So 45 minutes is pushing it. Now, in our house, as in many I’m sure, there is a clear demarcation of domestic responsibilities. And shopping (and dealing with it) is not on my list. I do earning the daily crust, dog walking/feeding/poo clearing from the garden and all aspects of horticulture. He does washing, shopping, toilet roll stocks and bins. ‘Of course, I’ll come, dear’. What I haven’t told you is that the shopping delivery is booked for a 2 hour window of 4-6pm. And, usually the nice man arrives around 5.45pm as we seem to be at the end of his list every week. Experience has taught me to work late on a Thursday so I don’t have to get involved in the fallout of loads of bags on the kitchen floor and himself cussing about where things go (we’ve only lived in that house for 20 years…). And, true to form, 5.45pm and there’s a sea of shopping on the kitchen floor. 22

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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