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Bachmann BR Weathered Bulk Grain Wagons 38600A and 38-602A By Pat Hammond The Prototype: the model is based on the British Railways diagram 1/271, which in turn had been based on the final LMS design. Early BR grain wagons had been built to diagram 1/270 and were of riveted construction, while the 1/271 wagons were welded, giving the model its smooth external appearance. The first of the 1/271 wagons arrived in the Summer of 1951 and 75 of them were built in two batches at Derby. They were 21ft 6in long and had a 10ft 6in wheelbase. The wagons remained in use well into the 1970s. The Model: as already indicated, the Bachmann model is based on the welded design. Detail that has been modelled includes oleo and spindle buffers, underframe equipment, unloading door operating wheel, tie bars, both roller bearing and plate-front axle boxes and ladders leading to a detailed roof with individual grab handles and access hatches. They are ‘unfitted’ with an option of through vacuum piping. Two BR weathered models are illustrated here. 38-600A is in BR early grey livery (eras 4 and 5) as number B885068 and 38-602A is in BR late bauxite livery (era 5) as number B885659. Both have been finished with patches of rust showing through the paintwork and each has a recommended retail price of £27.95.


Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
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