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Businesses in the station building include a cafĂŠ, tobacconist, chemist and travel agent. The station footbridge is adapted from Ratio products and is more or less completed. The pavements and walls are from Wills, all of which had to be painted and weathered.

22nd October 2015

The low-relief buildings and Booth’s distillery, which all had to be scratch-built, are in place along the back of the front of the layout. The windows in these low-relief structures are from York Modelmaking. The warehouse at the front of the layout, which uses Skytrex Model Railway brickbuilt factory warehouse facades, has received interior details, including a (non-functioning) lift and lighting. The Fire Station and Cinema are based on Kingsway Model kits being used as templates. These are based on actual building that existed in the vicinity of Farringdon at the time period being modelled. The telephone exchange on the far left at the front has been kit-bashed from an old Concor/Heljan kit.

3rd August 2016 14

Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017  
Model Railway Express Issue Two January 2017