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Eugene and Marc met on the Internet back in 2012‌

Everyone knows hindsight is 20/20. Imagine having 20/20 Foresight and being able to create the future you want‌

How cool would that be?

Let me tell you a quick story that has its genesis back in 2006. I staged a series of workshops and seminars across Australia, travelling to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. These 3-hour sessions focused on Exponential Marketing Strategies including “Creating Unique Selling Propositions”, “Establishing Host-Beneficiary Partnerships” and “Leveraging Mastermind Groups.”

Brisbane Sydney Melbourne

One of the attendees, Gideon King, the founder of a Novamind attended our workshops. Novamind is a fabulous MindMapping Software program that creates beautiful colour mindmaps that can be fully webenabled with hyperlinks and other powerful functionality. As a client, Gideon understood the power of leverage and offered to create MindMaps of the 3 sessions. These are visually stunning summaries of everything we covered during the workshops. You can still find them on the Novamind website. With our permission, Gideon placed one of these, the one featuring Host-Beneficiary Partnerships on his website. The advantage for him is obvious. He gets to showcase a practical example for business people who are one of his target client segments.

Less obvious is what I get out of it…

But I have a plan and a strategy… I have 20/20 Foresight. Although I am not quite sure HOW or WHEN it will come to fruition, I do know a seed has been planted and I know it will bear fruit.1 The seed has been planted on a high value PR5 site. (Google is a PR10 site, PR9 website).

Fast forward to November 2012… 1 One of the advantages that both Gideon and I get is what Internet Marketers like to call ‘link juice.’ With hyperlinks between our websites, the search engines (Google) rewards us by raising our search rankings for keywords we have optimised. This is one of the reasons I would like you to become a client, so I can reveal the individual steps that created this outcome. The strategy is self-evident, but the mechanics are well hidden and must be deployed properly otherwise the outcome will be disappointing to say the least. Most people sub-optimise their web strategies, putting in all the work, but committing mistakes that counter-act their initial intent and adversely affect their results. • 1

Eugene Montanez, of Allegra Marketing-Print-Mail, is in Corona, a suburb of Los Angeles, California in the United States. He’s surfing the web, searching for new marketing ideas for his printing business. He’s a fan of marketing legend Jay Abraham searching for Exponential Marketing ideas. He somehow ends up on the Novamind site,2 he finds a summary of the first chapter of Jay’s bestselling book – “Getting Everything You Can Out Of Everything You’ve Got.” It’s a colourful MindMap. He scrolls down the page and finds “my” MindMap on Host-Beneficiary Partnerships. He downloads the image and realises I am The Exponential Growth Strategist and Managing Director of Jay Abraham Asia Pacific (which has since been re-branded Exponential Programs).

Eugene decides to send me an email… As it turns out, I have a trip to Montreal, Canada planned. On my return back to Sydney, Australia, I have a 10-hour lay-over at LAX Airport in Los Angeles. I offer to meet him there so we could “meet and greet.”

In the lobby of the La Quinta Inn Hotel, I meet with Eugene and his lovely wife who is also actively involved in the business. We get to know each other. As it turns out, I have 20+ years of printing industry experience and have worked across the United States and Canada prior to working in Europe and moving to Australia just before the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

This initial 3 or 4 hour meeting of the minds set things in motion. I became their business advisor, coach and mentor and we started to lay the groundwork. 2 There is no such thing as somehow, as you will come to learn. EVERYTHING happens for a reason and the only question to ask is… “What do you want to have happen?” Once you know the answer to that question, the strategies fall into place like a puzzle that create the outcome you want.

2 •

The ultimate goal was – to establish a Mastermind Group to help Allegra’s clients grow faster. The fundamental principle behind this is straightforward: If Allegra can help its clients grow faster and more profitable, then they will need more marketing, print and mail services. It’s a self-perpetuating win-win scenario. Throughout 2013, I visited Corona and Riverside as I travelled to and from Canada, a total of 5 separate trips. Each time we staged one or two 3 hour public events and I consulted with Eugene and his team. During that time, Allegra’s sales increased 30% with the corresponding profitability. In other words, growth was achieved without increased discounting. • 3

In all, I was introduced to 3,000+ new prospective clients via 20,000+ emails and we even got a handful of editorials published! That’s exponential leverage. Several hundred people attended our workshops and goodwill was created. All this was done in anticipation of the launch of the VIP Mastermind Club which took place in January 2014. I am sure you can appreciate the strategic approach as well as the numerous steps involved in making this a reality.

Hindsight, is 20/20… But I planned this with 20/20 Foresight +/- 8 years ago. If you remember, I had no idea HOW or WHEN something like this would happen, but I knew the chances were good that ‘something’ would happen. If you’ve watched the DVD ‘The Secret,’ then you know the power of the Law Of Attraction – whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. As strange as it may sound, the manifestation of outcomes are enhanced with clarity and detail, much more importantly – outcomes are manifested as a result of a positive, genuine intent. First positive intent: When the Mindmap was originally placed by Gideon King on his website, it was in recognition of me writing a chapter for one of his books. He did it out of kindness and generosity knowing that ‘playing the odds’ increases your chances of success the more times you play. Unlike gambling, deploying many strategies, over time, increases your chances of success to the point where it is more-or-less assured…

Second positive intent: Eugene searching the Internet for new, innovative ways to grow his business by helping his clients increases their sales and profits.

Third positive intent: Me meeting with Eugene and Paula at LAX and seeing where this could lead and showing them by example that these strategies work.

Fourth positive intent: Staging public events, most of them free for the benefit of Allegra clients and prospects. This was also done with the support and sponsorship of the Premier Service Bank.

Fifth positive intent: Creating a VIP Mastermind Club with economies of scale for each member to benefit from other members and get top level business coaching and mentoring for a fraction of the cost – BECAUSE everyone shares in the costs. • 5

This is what I call a win-win-win outcome. Allegra wins because their sales and profits have grown 30%. Exponential Programs wins because we get to help more clients in Los Angeles, I get to travel back and forth to Canada as a tax deductible expense AND get exposure to new markets and businesses.3 You win because our focus is on growing your business. As you do, you will use more marketing, print and mail services from Allegra, you’ll refer clients to us and the perpetual cycle continues indefinitely. But… Nothing happens without that initial intent, idea and action. So there you have it – the true story about how Eugene and I met “through the Internet”…

Will you join us? Email: Web: business/vip-mastermind-club 127 Radio Road Corona, CA 92879

3 One of the many benefits I provide my clients is exposure to information they can’t ‘easily’ obtain on their own. I do that with International travel as well as with contributors to my blogs from all four corners of the world. Imagine how valuable that is… To have contacts ‘everywhere’ to double-check things and be able to see things coming ‘a mile away’… Sometimes it’s like having a crystal ball. Somebody somewhere has been through what you’re going through and has found a successful way to overcome or achieve it!

How The VIP Mastermind Club Was Created  

Have a quick look at the interesting story how Eugene and Marc met on the Internet back in 2012. Business Coach Corona Business Coach River...

How The VIP Mastermind Club Was Created  

Have a quick look at the interesting story how Eugene and Marc met on the Internet back in 2012. Business Coach Corona Business Coach River...