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The Lobster and the Girl The Cycle of life. To Wolfgang Petritsch A young girl *in her mother's arm With extended hand pointed out Her little finger then broke the harmony As if wanting to play the lobster* Like a pianist in the making she points and says Who are you ? Why do you look at me? Young girl ...I am a lobster from the sea I have lived a long life to come to this place While two sages* observed the encounter She looked at the lobster with firm resolution The sages themselves pondered the situation A girl facing the last stance of a lobster

In the cogwheel of life two individuals confronted The harmony of the sunset broken by a girl In her mother’s arm questioning the dilemma (Lo Fatal *) Neither one understanding the lobster's pause Life has a beginning and an end (said one sage) That is why you and I are here (responded the other) I will soon turn into a memory (said one sage) And you will always remember our encounter (said the other *life expectancy for a US woman in 2013 is 86 * There is no definite life expectancy on these seemingly immortal crustaceans. *A man reaching age 65 today can expect to live, on average, until age 84 * Lo Fatal is a poem by Ruben Dario

The Lobster And The Girl  

By Luis Campos

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