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Oblivion Water of Lethe Sister River of Hate Sister River of Sorrow Sister of Fire Step Back!

Because a Lady in Black is around us She came to pick one up She is looking for someone To bring into the woods

Oblivion abyss of memories Insensitivity of the past Amnesia of Life Friend of death Step Back!

She seems to be enchanted by the violin She seems to be hiding How long? Violins please keep her sleeping

Oblivion dark Forest of Destiny Are you related to Her? Oblivion abyss of glories And infamies alike Sublime obscurity of memories Soon we will all get there

Oh the horror! Of feeling transient in this world World of hopes that never failed Sorrows that we found in our paths

Oblivion step back! There is no room because She is around.


A Poem by Luis Campos In memory of Paula Williams

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