Dr. Livingood

Cary, NC, US

Dr. Blake Livingood (known as Dr. Livingood) is the Author of Livingood Daily: Your 21-Day Guide to Experience Real Health and the Founder and CEO of Livingood Daily, a health and nutrition company. His website drlivingood.com shares health information and features a store to purchase products that support nutritional wellbeing. Then, in 2018, Livingood published Livingood Daily, his first book and first #1 Amazon Best Seller, to expand the reach of his expertise beyond his clients to include international readers. Make Food Simple, a recent Amazon Best Seller published with his wife, Jessica Livingood, continues to provide current knowledge. Livingood hopes that through writing these accessible texts, as many individuals as possible, particularly those with chronic health concerns, would be aware that nutrition is a viable alternative to some modern medical treatments.