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Step into the crazy and screwed up world of Ginger wolfe’s idiotic mind for a few minutes.


There’s a light over at the Frankenstein place. But this house is foreclosed and the doctor is out.



Since the doctor left he decided to leave a few experimental animals behind. He left spooky and vinny. They were cage mates at the shelter when the doctor found them to use for experimental purposes. They only have each other in this crazy mixed up world. They are the best of friends.



What spooky dosen’t know and can’t seem to quite understand is that his best friend vinny, has died of starvation and an unknown disease. He will soon find this out in a couple of seconds just watch.



Aw, see I told you so, tragic isn’t it. Poor spooky,what will he do without vinny. Well I’m just getting to that.



Spooky has never been so shocked and hurt in his entire life. He must do something. He realizes he’s in a huge house with possiblities for resurrection all over. Stack of books and all the equipment he needs to get vinny back.



He starts to read and study with vinny’s poor lifeless body aside him. He reads everything he can and experiments with all different chemicals and electro charges to recreate life. He starts his project. He first cuts all vinnys rotten parts out and then goes to the animal shelter morgue and gets all the missing pieces he needs, a new tail, brain, livers, and a new heart. He sitches them all together kinda like a quilt. He then prepares. He needs elctro rods, vinny and his gurney, all his test tubes and potions. Then mixes a serum and pours it down vinny’s throat and waits for the worst storm to hit.



The storm comes electric charges flow through vinny dead veins. It all stops and the storm fades away and spooky waits. Vinny finally wakes up and he opens his eyes. Spooky is on cloud nine. He grabs vinny and hugs him so tight. Vinny is a little wobbly and all his stitches will soon heal. He might have a little bit of scaring. His voice is very raspy. But Vinny never really talked much anyway. They are together again and nothing will change. Now they know if they ever run out of nine lives. they will know what to do. They never die and they will live forever as best friends.





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