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n Ancient Greece people thought that heynas changed sexes from male to feamale, most likely due to the fact their genitals of the two sexes look alike. Europeans thought of heynas as a symbol of homo sexuality. They also thought that they were obssed with intercorse and male heynas had sex with each other. Also that some times a lioness would mate with a heyna. Producing a hybrid called a leucrotta. The leucrotta had a human voice that could inmitate human speech to lure travlers out into the darkness from their camp sites to devour them. Africans believe in even stranger lore about heynas. They thought that witches could turn themselves into heynas. The spotted heyna in Africa is like the black cat in the US. The wambugwe of tanzania beileve every witch possesses one or more heynas and they leave a mark on them( which is invisble to the human eye). They call them their night cattle. Some people say there are no free heynas only those owned by witches. On certain days all the witches ride their heynas to arranged places in the forrest for gatherings to boast about their evil deeds and

preform obscene rites. Supossosedly heynas live and have their cubs in the houses of witches and the owner milks them everyday. Its dangerous to kill a heyna, if the owner finds out he will kill you with witch craft. People would depict and paint pictures of witches riding naked at a full gallop throught the night. Riding their heynas carrying a flame and torch which she can refuel from heyna butter in a gourd slung over her shoulder.Even though Africans are not afraid of witches, Africans are afraid of heynas and if you say their name out loud it will cause people to snicker as if a dirty joke was told. The reason why they dont like them is beacuse they will eat human corpses.

Heynas are scavangers and usally eat left over carcasses from other preadators. But these guys can take down wildebeasts, or anatlope. They also kill and eat birds, lizards snakes, and insects. They usally hunt at night. They charge at herds to make them scatter and try to get a weaker or slow animal. The sucess rate of a kill is a lot higher when they are whithin the clan.Because of their size of the clans they are capable of taking large prey from other predators like lions. They usally feed in a clan, screaming and laughing wildly to summon other members to their kill. Their jaws are so strong they can amost bite through any bone in a carcass. They can eat their entire prey. Their droppings are a white color from all the bone calcium they devour.

-one species of heyna the brown striped heyna.


he populations of heynas are increasing and humans and heynas live side by side. The Maasai people actually leave out their dead to be consumed by them. These animal will raid food stores and eat crops and kill live stock. They are blamed for many animal livestock deaths and sometimes even human deaths. In some areas they are hunted because they are destructive.

facts type: mammal diet:omniovore life span in the wild: up to 25 years size: head and body,34 to 39 in, tail 10 to 14 in. weight: 110 to 190 lbs

Spotted hyenas are the largest of the three hyena species. There are only three. The brown and striped are the other two. Hyenas are closely related to cats more than dogs believe it or not. Spotted hyenas live in large groups led by females and can hold up to more than 80 members of clans. They have great hearing and sharp eyesight. They are one of the most social carnivores and they have complex social structures. The clans have a strict pecking order. The females defend all territory. Which can range from 40 km to over a 1,000 square miles. Even the lowest ranking female is more dominant over the highest ranking male. Young females will usually stay in the clan and the males usually leave around two and a half years of age. They usually forage alone but if their is a huge kill you usually can get the full affect of their whole clan of if you see their den site where they rest. Female hyenas have their first litter at three years old. Even though all females can breed most of the dominant females cubs survive. They give birth in a den and usually have two cubs at a time. If there is good prey around and in large numbers, there can be up to 30 cubs of-

-different ages from 20 different litters. Cubs suckle at the den for 12 months by their mothers. But it has been recorded that other females will let other cubs nurse if they are in diffcult times. They are not weaned until the are 14-18 months old. Littermates are aggressive and show dominance to each other from the minute they are born. They sort out hierarchy for suckling and because they are born with a full set of teeth they can kill their siblings. Heynas weigh up tp 70kg. but average between 45-55kg females are semi larger then males. Their coats are sandy or greyish brown and short with a spotted pattern. They have a very strong build with a thicker neck and have strong jaws and have longer front legs than the back ones. This causes their backs to appear sloped.Spotted heynas are known for the lounds they make. Usally at night. They have many different calls which they use to call other members of their clans, or to ward off other animals. The best known sound is their laugh which is either used for excitement or fear. This is the reason people call them laughing heynas. Another sound they make is sort of a whooping sound it is used to call other members of the clan. Spotted heynas are found all over Africa and South Africa. they adapt to all different enviroments and are found on costal regions from mountains to forests.

lions were believed to live in the heavens and the lion was a such a fool having too much fun and making a mess the gods decided to cast him out. So they did, they knocked him out of heaven and he broke into a million piece. As he fell he lost the most poweful part of him his horn. The gods felt sorry for him so they put him back together. They also tied his invisible horn back on with a red ribbon. To make sure that he behaves himself. He turned out to be a great king and has helped many with his power and kindness.The most terrifying story of lions was from a little place called tsavo in africa. Two lions known as the ghost and the darkness brutally killed and ate 140 people in a 9 month span. While a general was responsible for building a bridge. people started to go missing and no one believed that two lions were responsible for the deaths. John patterson the general, built thorn bushes around to keep out the lions but that didnt stop them

they would just crawl underneath it and drag their kills through it as well. Every moring there would be a couple less people at roll call. John decided to move the hosptial and build higher fires but that didnt stop the lions either and this time they were greedy they took two people at once. Guessing they didnt like to share. John, then set up a box car trap. A set of men were at the back of the boxcar and there was a gate in between so when the lion stepped in he would trip the gate behind him and the men would safe on the other side of the box car. Night after night they sat in the box and no luck. One night when three men were waiting the lion ran in closed the trip wire and the men started to panic the lion was mad he wanted out he started to shake the bars and then the men started shooting. Their guns could almost touch the lion and they couldnt even get in a good shot.After a while the lions almost disapeared, they still kept fires buring and the brush and thorns around. One night everyone started to get pretty brave. Three men were sleeping out of their tents on the ground and the lions came. The next day they found only one guy. There was nothing left but only one part of his hand, a couple bigger bones and his head. After that the lions attacked almost everynight. The workers would hear the growls and screams into the night. Some people thought that they

“there was nothing left only a part of his hand, some bigger bones and his head. after that the lions attacked almost everynight” were devils coming to rid the world of sin, others called them the ghost and the darkness. They say if you clock eyes with them you will be afraid.So John went and made a tree stand and used bait. He waited till night. He shot at the lion when it came and he ran off and the next day he found it dead. Many people boarded the train to get out of tsavo. The next lion was killed a couple of months later when John and a marks man went to hunt him. It turned out the lion was hunting jhon. The lion charged at him he shot him five times and then jhon went to make sure he was dead and he was still alive. He was scrapping to get to john. He died gnawing on a part of a tree. The second lion was killed, everything went back to normal and the bridge was built. “They say if you dare to lock eyes with them you will be afraid”


frican lions are the only cats that live in groups . Which are called prides and which have up to three males to a dozen females and their cubs. All the prides lionesses are related, and the females cubs usually stay with the group. The male cubs go off on their own to start their own prides by taking over a head male of another group. Only male lions have full manes. The beautiful head dress of hair that surrounds their heads. The males are the ones who provide protection against dangers of the wild and other male rivals. This territory can include up to 100 square miles of usually grasslands, or open woodlands. They mark their territory by spraying urine on trees or bushes, and roaring loudly to warn other lions or to chase off animals that come on their territory.

Female lions are the prides only hunters. They often work together on the hunt or chase. They hunt antelopes, zebras, wile beasts and other large animals of the grassland. Many of the animals they hunt are faster than they are so its better to hunt with more members to ensure a good kill. After the hunt, the group has a pecking order of who eats first. The cubs are at the bottom of the pecking order. The young lions are not allowed to hunt until they are a year old but sometimes the mother will bring back half dead animals to let her cubs experience the kill. So they will understand later in their future of how to hunt and kill. Lions will hunt alone if they need to. Also they will steal from other animals.

Lions spend most of their days sleeping and basking in the sun after a good kill. It takes a lot of energy to hunt and kill. So after a meal and a run they will happily sleep under the shade of a tree. Lions have been celebrated and known to be courageous and brave. the symbol or strength.They are only found in parts of sub- saharan africa and a very small population in indias gir forests.

LionFacts Type:carnivore Size:Headand Body,4.5 to 6.5 ft, Tail 26.25 to 39.5 in Weight: 265 to 420 lbs Group name:pride


size: head and body,34 to 39 in, tail 10 to 14 in. type: mammal diet:omniovore weight: 110 to 190 lbs -one species of heyna the brown stripe...


size: head and body,34 to 39 in, tail 10 to 14 in. type: mammal diet:omniovore weight: 110 to 190 lbs -one species of heyna the brown stripe...