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Leslie Griesdorf Leslie Griesdorf Retire Dentist: 3 Great Beaches in Toronto

About Leslie Griesdorf Leslie Griesdorf is a retired dentist, he retired from dentistry in 2003.Leslie Griesdorf has interest in news and he has passion for history.

Leslie Griesdorf:Member of the Toronto Community Leslie Griesdorf has been a member of the Toronto community, both professionally and personally, for much of his life. As such, Griesdorf has developed an affinity for visiting and enjoying Toronto’s many unique and beautiful beaches, particularly during the summer months.

3 Great Beaches in Toronto ● ● ●

Cherry Beach Sunnyside Woodbine Beach

Cherry Beach Cherry Beach is known for being exceptionally lad-back, as well as for being a local hotspot for quality surfboarding and kite-boarding. Barbeques and recreation are not uncommon along Cherry Beach’s scenic, inviting coastline.

Sunnyside Sunnyside provides visitors a great opportunity to relax in a mostly private beach setting. The Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion and the Gus Ryder Pool are nearby popular attractions.

Woodbine Beach Woodbine provides what is perhaps the city’s best place to engage in a pick-up game of beach volleyball, or to simply lose oneself in the art of people watching.

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3 Great Beaches in Toronto Visited By Leslie Griesdorf,  

Leslie Griesdorf experience the 3 great beaches in Toronto, Canada. These 3 beaches are Cherry beach, sunnyside, woodbine beach. For more d...

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