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Ivory Tower

Purpose: • Inform students of the film festival Audience: • Students that are interested in going to the film festival or learning more about it Skills: • Presenting complex information in a concise visual format • Creating an eye-catching design Tools: • Adobe Photoshop CS5 • Adobe illustrator CS5

JS Salt Lake Film Society and Westminster College Presents...

Ivory Tower A Free Film Series

The First Monday of Every Month at 7pm




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The Tower Theater 876 east 900 south SLC


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Great Salt Lake Institute

Purpose: • Inform students of an art exhibit Audience: • Students from Westminster College and community members Skills: • Incorporating others’ artwork into poster design • Working with client under a tight schedule • Developing design to be used in different formats Tools: • Adobe Photoshop CS5 • Adobe illustrator CS5



May 1st - 7TH In Jewitt




Green Tea Hawaii

Purpose: • Advertise a new product Audience: • Prospective buyers of herbal products Skills: • Creating an innovative package design • Incorporating a feel of a geographic location through color and typography Tools: • Adobe Photoshop CS5 • Adobe illustrator CS5


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Presidential Campaign

Purpose: • Create political platform Audience: • Students and faculty of Westminster College Skills: • Designing creative and catchy slogans • Appealing to students in a short period of time • Integrate visual and textual information in a persuasive format Tools: • Adobe Photoshop CS5 • Adobe illustrator CS5




Purpose: • Provide stdent awareness of the census Audience: • Students and faculty at Westminster College Skills: • Working with a team to put together a creative design • Making a design that incorporates everything the that particular event stands for Tools: • Adobe Photoshop CS5 • Adobe InDesign CS5

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Dart League

Purpose: • Attract pepole to become a part of a dart league Audience: • People who are interested in learning how to join a dart league or who want to know more information about it Skills: • Meeting with a client to determine needs and wants • Creaing a visual format that would intrigue viewers to want to learn more Tools: • Adobe Photoshop CS5 • Adobe illustrator CS5




Business Card/Letter Head

Purpose: • Create an identity for Sparrow Designs Audience: • Customers who will be doing business with Sparrow Deisngs Skills: • Drawing a creative logo that will represent Sparrow Designs Tools: • Adobe Photoshop CS5 • Adobe In Design CS5



Red Posey

Purpose: • Create an identity for Red Posey Inc. Audience: • Customers who will be doing business with Red Posey Skills: • Working with a client to narrow down the design he was looking for • Creating a wide variety of designs so the client had many options • Presentation skills of possible design ideas Tools: • Adobe Photoshop CS5





Forum Articles

Purpose: • Inform students of events and news occurring on or around Westminster College’s campus Audience: • Westminster College students, faculty and staff Skills: • Interviewing many different people to get the information I need • Working along side editors and other writers • Combining humar and important information so the article is humorous yet informative. Tools: • Microsoft Word

JS Jeff Sparrow

Cats On Campus! No, the famous Broadway musical is not coming to 1840 South 1300 East, we have a cat problem! Cats have long been a part of campus life, Karen Hendry, senior administrative assistant to the dean and veterans’ coordinator said, “In my 24 years of working at Westminster College there have been at least 40 stray cats that we have come across and at least 28 before the year 1985.” These stray cats can hide under the buildings for warmth in the winter and end up staying through the spring to produce more cats. A recent study has shown that there are few if any cats on the U of U or BYU campuses, although BYU does have a cougar wandering around over there. These cats come to Westminster because of the excellent aviation program and the small class sizes. No one knows exactly why they come, but it is believed that for the most part their moms drop them off or they take the UTA bus and some are left over from the last time it rained cats and dogs. In a sort of cat and mouse game, students and staff try to capture these stray cats to get them neutered and give them shots before they have more kittens and thus add to our class size as well as our parking and on-campus housing problems. Neutering and spaying a cat is critical for many reasons. It prevents unwanted litters and eliminates sexual frustration, something that should be eradicated from all college campuses. A cat

Jeff Sparrow

goes into a week of heat three times a year. During that time a cat can cry continuously,

Air makes itself comfortable in Salt Lake display nervous behavior, and approach other male cats wanting more then justPolluted a walk on the beach. Repeated heats without mating can cause health problems for these stray cats. There have been a number of articles, and a lot of talk recently about the

increasing Smog levels in SLC. OK, even if you haven’t read about it or talked about it, you can actually see it, in fact you can almost get your teeth into it on some days. So just how bad is smog? Has it gotten a bad rap? Is it all smog and no fire? And what exactly does it do to your lungs? According to The Lung Association, when you breathe in polluted air, the toxins begin breaking down cellular structures in your lungs and throughout your respiratory system resulting in chronic respiratory distress. In other words, hold your breath while walking to class. The term ‘Smog’ barely beat out the word ‘Foke’ as the word for the combination of smoke and fog. Smog is could also be an acronym for Sweet Mother of God, Secret Masters of Gaming, Spanish Motorcycle Owners Group, and Save Me Oh God. Although these are all interesting acronyms, when we use the term SMOG we will mainly be referring to the combination of smoke and fog. When it comes to smog, Salt Lake doesn’t have to worry about much; in fact they are not even in the top 10 of most polluted cities in the country. LA, the Smog Capital of America, takes the number one spot and in fact four out of the Top 5 spots in 2008 were garnered by California. A recent Tribune article stated, “On Sunday, parts of northern Utah and southern Idaho were ranked No. 1 in the country for unhealthy air. It was a "red" air-quality day for five Utah counties.” After LA had heard about this, they became jealous that they were not the only ones that could sink their teeth into some real Smog.


Dart Article

Purpose: • Create an article that readers will read and enjoy Audience: • Subcribers or buyers of Throwline Magazine Skills: • Writing an article that readers will find entertaining and funny • Incorporating a young voice to influence people of all ages to join a dart league Tools: • Microsoft Word

JS Jeff Sparrow

Why darts? I can think of three good reasons! First, it's played in bar. Have you ever played hockey or baseball in a bar? How about soccer? Ever try kicking a field goal in a bar? Because of the venue it's one of the only sports where you can, no in fact you are almost required to, drink beer while playing. You say you've drunk beer while playing golf. Sure, but because hitting a golf ball requires both hands, you can't actually hold, much less drink a beer, while hitting the ball. With darts, you can hold the beer in one hand and throw the dart with the other; in fact you can actually be drinking the beer when you're throwing the dart. I've tried this and while it doesn't really help your score much, you CAN do it! Secondly, it's an equal opportunity sport. You could ask a girl out on a date to go play darts together. I don't recommend this as a 'first date' option, but because it's a sport that doesn't require major muscle development, the playing field, or in this case the 'dart arena' is level. You'd never ask a girl out by saying, "Hey let's go into the weight room and see who can Clean & Jerk the most." I think we know who the Jerk is in that scenario. So at least wait for the second date. And finally, it's a sport where you actually get to throw lethal weapons. It's not as great as shooting clay pigeons or anything like that, but who needs protection out at a shooting range? You need protection in a bar, and darts is the only sport, other than javelin throwing (and don't try that in a bar either) where you practice throwing very sharp objects. So when the time comes to stick a dart in the forehead of that foulmouthed biker coming at you, you're ready!

Web Design


Web Design

Entourage Gastropub

Purpose: • Advertise events and food for local restaurant Audience: • People who are interested in going to a local restaurant/bar. Skills: • Collaborating with managers and staff to create their idea of a perfect webside • Using layout organization to make the view see the important information at first glance. Tools: • Adobe Photoshop CS5 • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5


Web Design

Purpose: • Connect venture capitalists with potential clients Audience: • Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and Investors Skills: • Working along side a partner to recreate the lay out and SEO for the website • Advertising and marketing the company through social media Tools: • Joomla • Adobe Photoshop



This is my portfolio. My name is jeff