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AN OVERVIEW OF NATURAL PROGESTERONE CREAM Progesterone is produced naturally in the ovaries of women as they are menstruating. In smaller levels, it is also formed by the adrenal gland. During the years when the menstrual cycle occurs, her body will typically produce at much as twenty to thirty milligrams of the hormone daily during the last or luteal phase of the cycle. Natural progesterone cream has been found to be a popular options to oral doses of the hormone. The topical version is formulated from naturally occurring plant steroids found in the wild yam.

Active Ingredient The active ingredient in natural progesterone is diosgenin. It is extracted from soybeans or more commonly wild yams. The highly purified hormone contains no remnants of soy substances that could cause problems with users. The cream version of the product is much more effective than oral products. Synthetic prescription drugs taken orally, such as Provera or medroxyprogesterone, lose about 85 to 90 percent of their effectiveness before they ever reach the tissues where they are needed.

How it works The product works to balance the levels of estrogen in the body. When the levels of estrogen are too high, there is increased risk of breast cancer, increased body fat storage, depression, headaches and fluid and water retention. Progesterone typically begins declining as early as the fourth decade of life. By the time they are in full menopause, the level of progesterone may only be one quarter of preferred levels. The application helps to bring the balance between the two hormones back into optimum levels. The hormone works by balancing the body when there is excess estrogen present. Estrogen is linked to a higher risk for breast cancer. Progesterone can be used by the body as a type of building blocks to create various other hormonal substances, such as those from the adrenal glands. The hormone is also able to convert to testosterone or estrogen if needed by the body. It is the balancing function of this substance that makes it particularly valuable.

Benefits There are three major benefits from using natural progesterone cream by women. Premenstrual syndrome afflicts millions of women each month. The natural cream can help to relieve the bloating, headaches, slight weight gain and emotional fluctuations. Using the hormone cream can help to relieve painful cramping. The use of this product to prevent miscarriages is another positive benefit. In some instances, the hormone can also be useful to males.

Side effects Natural progesterone cream has virtually no side effects, yet is noted for its effectiveness. This is unlike the many side effects that are linked to synthetic products. When you use the natural substance, it may affect the timing of menstrual cycles. For those individuals who have been very regular previously, but have suffered from the effects of fluctuating hormone levels, this result may be one you can live with. Some effects linked to the synthetic hormone include depression, nausea, and fluid retention, abnormal flow of menstrual blood and increased risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Pills or Cream Essentially, there are two major ways to obtain the benefits of natural hormones. The oral pills are not recommended, because the path through the digestive system has negative consequences. A higher dosage is required to get the same results, since the digestive process destroys a significant amount of the benefits. The hormones are affected by the stomach acids, as well as by the metabolizing process of the liver. The preferred application is application to the mucous (epithelial) membranes of the vagina or uterus.

Precautions Monitoring of the hormone levels in the body is important to avoid unwanted results. Testing can be done through the blood, saliva and urine collection. Since precision is crucial in the effective use of the cream, and since the levels of hormones are different depending where in the monthly cycle you are, the testing must be monitored daily. The most accurate and easy method is through urine testing. You will need to work closely with a medical professional who has the understanding to provide precise measurements and adjust dosages appropriately.

Conclusion Natural progesterone cream applied to mucous tissue in precisely measured dosages is effective against the physical symptoms associated with per menopause and menopause. Balancing the hormonal output of estrogen and testosterone through a natural product is easier and more successful than oral therapy. Side effects of the gel or cream application are virtually non-existent. It is not difficult to obtain natural progesterone cream. Several suppliers now have them for sale. Generally, it is not as expensive as prescription medicine. The lowest prices can be obtained from reliable suppliers on the internet. On the other hand, make sure the product that you are purchasing is the right one. The supplier will also give you the vital usage information so that you will use it correctly.

Progesterone Side Effects Information  

Progesterone is a steroid hormone that is made mostly by the corpus leteum of the ovaries during ovulation and to a lesser degree by the adr...

Progesterone Side Effects Information  

Progesterone is a steroid hormone that is made mostly by the corpus leteum of the ovaries during ovulation and to a lesser degree by the adr...