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Laser Resurfacing Dr. Kris Reddy, West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon, Utilizes Laser Resurfacing to Address: *wrinkles *epidermal nevi *acne scars *solar lentigines *actinic keratosis *hypertrophic scars *surgical scars

Three Laser Resurfacing Techniques

Dr. Kris Reddy Has Three Laser Resurfacing Techniques: *Erbium Laser Resurfacing *Profractional (Fractional Resurfacing) *Fraxel



Laser Resurfacing Most Popular Areas for Laser Resurfacing to Treat: *Face *Neck *Chest *Hands

Profractional Modalities

Profractional (Fractional ablative skin resurfacing) is a single treatment procedure offering three modalities: short pulse for more ablation, long pulse for adjustable thermal damage, and a dual pulse for a combination of both.

Profractional: How does it Work Fractional ablative skin resurfacing allows control of depth and the level of heating around the microbeam columns. With a single treatment, Dr. Kris Reddy, West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon, can perform a two-day downtime procedure or a deeper treatment. The procedure is efficient at removing damaged skin. Unique micro-fractional technology preserves portions of healthy tissue surrounding the treatment zone, fostering tissue regrowth and lower patient downtime, with significantly less pain than traditional ablative laser procedures.

Profractional and Fraxel: Conditions Treated Areas for Profractional To Treat: *Texture and Tone of the skin *acne scars *Facial Lines *Sun damaged skin (e.g. Brown Spots)

Profractional: Treatment Regimen Profractional Laser is a deeper laser (although not as aggressive as erbium laser resurfacing) and you will have some downtime for approximately 2-3 days while you heal. Profractional laser provides significant improvement after one treatment. However, it may need to be repeated to address deeper acne scars or wrinkles.

Fraxel: Treatment Regimen Fraxel Laser usually derives its benefits over the course of 5 to 6 treatments spaced one month apart. It is a more superficial laser than Profractional, and generally creates redness similar to a bad sunburn after each treatment. This redness subsides over 1 week, but does not require downtime.

About Dr. Kris Reddy, FACS For over 30 years as a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kris Reddy, Reddy a widely respected plastic surgeon in Palm Beach County, Florida, has been highly honored throughout the country and internationally. Dr. Kris Reddy is the only board certified plastic surgeon to be a Fellow of American College of Surgeons (FACS) and Fellow of International College of Surgeons (FICS) in South Florida. Dr. Reddy is also a member of the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. During his 30 years practicing in South Florida, Dr. Reddy has continually received high ratings and great reviews from his patients. For more information about Age Spots Treatments and About Dr. Kris Reddy, visit or call (561) 304-0001. 304-0001 Dr. Reddy offers free, private consultations.

Laser Resurfacing - Dr. Kris Reddy FACS  

*wrinkles *epidermal nevi *acne scars *solar lentigines *actinic keratosis *hypertrophic scars *surgical scars Dr. Kris Reddy, West Palm Bea...

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