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Mrs. Wisconsin International 2013. “Financial Fitness for the Heart”.

22 Adelaida Peterson Mrs. Missouri International 2013



was born in Beirut, Lebanon and came to America at the age of two. She is a multitasker, always doing more than one thing at a time. She describes herself as like a little girl in a candy store. She can’t take just one piece of candy, she wants to taste all the candy and believes every piece is an opportunity unwrapped. Ms. Sahari has three books published. Her memoir BREAKAWAY: The Road To Freedom hit number one and was in the top 100 best selling list. The Bully Cat, written by Ms. Sahari and illustrated by Olga Rudnitsky, is selling in great numbers. Her kindle ebook Be Your Own Boss has been a great seller helping many who want to start their own business. Three years ago Nadia Sahari started her own production companies: Nadia Sahari Productions, LLC and Black Fedora Films. She is currently the producer for a series called lust’n’LOVE, starring male lead Alex Veadov and Nadia Sahari as the female lead in the dramedy. She is excited. Alex Veadov also directed season one. His role in seasons two and three will be 100 percent more in front of the camera as an actor. So look for him to be the main star in two and three. June 2013 3

Also, in seasons two and three Rick Mora from “Twilight” will be guest starring in the lust’n’LOVE series as Mr. Richard, Ms. Sahari’s therapist. Along with Rick Mora, Ms. Sahari has also added actors Aros Crystos, Ryan Neal, Jimmy Gulzar, Larry Minion, and Anthony Gasperov. She is happy to announce that Neil Johnson will be the director for seasons two and three. Neil Johnson has been a director for many years and brings a lot of his expertise to the set. He is thrilled to be working on Ms. Sahari’s project lust’n’LOVE. Season one has wrapped and seasons two and three are in line to be filmed this month. Ms. Sahari lives part time in Hollywood, CA and the rest of the time in Austin, Texas. After the wrap of her season, she was hired by NV MUSIC ENTERPRISES as a Featured guest speaker of the Michael Jackson Tribute starring Michael Knight the MJ impersonator. They loved her so much they have asked her to be the MC HOST of the ROYALTY TRIBUTE CONCERT to be held on September 21, 2013 in Salem, Oregon. Since moving to Hollywood, Ms. Sahari has been placed on the celebrity list to attend red carpet events. She is so thrilled about meeting many new friends. She has friends in every field. Nadia knows no stranger. She loves everyone. She loves animals, the universe and all of creation.

4 June 2013

Acting has been Nadia’s dream since the age of ten. She is now living her dream and her passions. She has more than one passion. She wants to live life the way she wants to and not miss any opportunity to find her dream. She is not looking for fame, she only wants the work, the dream, to look back and to say “I did it.” She often tells her fans, “If I can do it, you can do it too!” “You are worthy.” “Be the star you are.” “It is by choice and not by chances that you change your circumstances.” Cover Credits: BOB DELGADILLO STYLIST THE M SALON BEVERLY HILLS June 2013



Chris Franz editor Photo credit Vanessa Menendez

August is Hollywood and Entertainment Month here at Platform Magazine. Therefore I think it’s only fitting that I devote my space in this month’s issue to everyone who thinks they have what it takes to be the next singing sensation. We’re all fans of American Idol or it seems most of us are anyway, and that show has certainly given us some really great talent. However, do most of you know the process that gets you on American Idol? The show itself only gives us half or less of what really goes on behind the scenes at the auditions. If you have 15000 people show up in let’s say in Philadelphia for an audition do you have any idea of what you’re in for? You will wait for hours in a seemingly endless line just to get into the audition venue. Some people actually camp out for days before hand. Once you get inside the venue you are given a number and you are then going to sit for hours until it’s your turn to audition. Ah yes, the audition. It’s finally your turn to sing your heart out and give those judges all you got. It’s your big chance right? Well I’m afraid nothing could be further from the truth and you’re in for a surprise. When your number is called you will walk up to a table and someone who calls themselves a producer will ask you to sing a few notes. Yes you heard me, a few notes. So unless you happen to be in the right place at the right time and someone who does have some pull notices you, your big chance has ended right there and then. What you see on television is a mere fraction of the amount of people who showed up that day and of course let’s not count out the really BAD singers who are thrown on the show for the entertainment value. Think about it. Do you really think the star studded judge’s panel is going to listen to 15000 auditions? I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but your dream of American Idol fame just went up in smoke. 6 June 2013

American Idol changed the music industry forever when Kelly Clarkson became Idol #1. I’m not telling you not to go for it because maybe you’ll beat the odds. I have dealt with original music artists for the last ten years. I have managed, promoted, and even pitched a few to the major record labels. The road to stardom is a long hard road and yes like the Idol the odds are stacked against you. However, the artists that I have heard and seen late at night in bars and clubs all over the country are writing and making music in hopes of being noticed. Once you understand the sacrifice and see the passion in these young artists, you then appreciate the music you hear today. Like everything else, the internet has changed the game for getting music heard and played. It has also changed the way that people buy music. Anyone can get their songs on iTunes for download. There are hundreds of download sites. So how does a new artist/singer make he or she stand out? I could write a book on this subject and maybe someday I will but the industry now changes on almost a daily basis so what’s the key? I have worked with some amazing artists who in their own way have had huge successes. Not everyone who is successful in the industry is out in the spotlight in front of thousands of people. These artists became song writers for television and movie soundtracks. They write songs for many of the artists that you hear on the radio. No sorry, Taylor Swift doesn’t write all of her songs. I in some way helped my artists achieve that next level of success. The days of being discovered and then signed to a huge record deal are over.

The closest thing to that still happening is in country music and the word “discovered” is a pretty vague because you need to bring so much to the table to do so. Record labels today want the artists to do most of the work before they will listen. That includes a fan base, radio play, and a whole lot of downloads. To break an artist means a huge outpouring of cash on their part so they want to be sure of what their getting. I have become most familiar with country music in the last few years because its popularity has grown tenfold. The key is that country music finally figured out that if they mix country and pop or rock together they can attract triple the amount of fans. This formula has worked and is still working and still growing every year. So what do you as an aspiring young singer songwriter or band supposed to do? I’m only going to cover some of the basics because there is not enough space to even come close to covering it all. The first thing you do is making sure that when you record, you’re recording the best material you have and have it done by the pros. You’ll need a great sounding and looking three to six song demo. Secondly, make sure your presentation is always first class. You’ll need a website; you’ll need a presence on Sonicbids and a really great EPK. (Electronic Press Kit)

If you say fifty and five show up, you can almost bet you won’t be playing there again. I know this may seem frightening to a lot of people but like anything else you have to work it 24/7. Here’s the one big lesson I will teach you in this article. Always, always be prepared when someone asks you for your cd or business card. Always carry both with you and if someone in the business asks you to mail them a cd, you better have it in the mail that same day. I can’t tell you how many artists will fail to do this. To be taken seriously, you have to have everything looking as professional as possible. You never know who might hear your cd. You wrote your music out of passion and now you have to promote yourself the same way. Can it be done? Absolutely! Will it happen overnight? Doubtful. However, with the right advice and a whole lot of work you can make that dream come true. (Chris Franz is a member of The National Academy of the Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy’s), a voting member for The Country Music Association, and a member of The International Entertainment Buyers Association)

Needless to say you’re going to need to be social networking everywhere. These are all just the basics but the basics need to be place before you start the next steps. You need to start playing live anywhere you can and start building your fan base. Don’t expect to be paid for playing live most of the time so you’ll need to sell your demo for a few bucks and maybe some t-shirts along the way. If you expect to be asked back to play again somewhere it’s all about the numbers. Most live music venues will want to know up front how many people you’ll bring through the door. June 2013


Congratulations to Candiace Dillard The Platform Magazine’s inaugural Miss United States has cover model now your divisions for single girls and “Miss United States 2013” women ages 8-55,

8 June 2013

state pageants are beginning soon! Style | Sisterhood | Service

Sherrie Rahbe At the age of 17, I bought my first pair of running shoes, Brooks. This was when I began running. I entered my first race at the age of 22 with high aspirations aiming for an 8k in 34 minutes. But, I did not realize that 2 Olympic athletes were also running that race, and they finished by the time I started. Talk about a humbling experience. I continued running races taking a spot on the podium, and I can remember the day when we received trophies instead of beautiful bling (medals) which we receive today. When I was 24, my father was diagnosed with acute myelomonocytic leukemia and was told he had 10 days to live. At this time, I was in my senior year studying social work, but I decided to drop out to spend the remaining time with my father at Vanderbilt Medical Center. Instead of 10 days, I had 3 years to spend with my dad. During those 3 years, I was running 70 miles a week to cope with the suffering I saw him endure. Upon his death bed, his last words to me were, “Please help the kids with cancer. I do not want them to suffer like I did.� After he passed away, I went back to school and attained a degree in nursing in hopes to work with cancer patients, which I did for several years.

To this day, I still run though it has been a difficult journey. I have hypo thyroid-ism, moderate osteo, and an autoimmune disease that has triggered meningitis three times. Thankfully, I have been able to run through these conditions. It seems I cannot give up this passion of mine. To me, it is not a hobby, but it is my passion to run for those who cannot. Each time I lace up, it is a constant reminder of my father and his last words which led me to raise money for the St. Jude Marathon, my first full marathon. I cried the entire race. It was inspirational running through the St. Jude campus and seeing the kids waving at us which made me realize I was doing something important for them. This past year, 5 days after surgery, with 8 screws and one plate in my broken arm, I ran again in the St. Jude Half-Marathon. It has become a tradition to run that race every year (and other races as well) raising money for the St. Jude kids feeling hopeful that one day we will find a cure. Today, running in my family is a bonding experience between my kids and me. My daughter and I both run the St. Jude race and train long distance together. Also, my son enjoys challenging us to increase our speed as we try to keep up with his 5 minute miles. Overall, running is peaceful for me, and there is no better feeling than my feet hitting the pavement or the sound of birds chirping during my 4:30 A.M. runs. No matter what, I have not and will not stop running. June 2013

9 Featured Story After years of being a work-a-holic my blood counts were taken and deemed to be a little worse than normal. My good cholesterol was down, my bad was up, my triglycerides were through the roof and so on. I decided to start taking a boot camp class twice a week, and after some time I added a yoga class, and a little later a boxing class, and a little later I starting running with a running group. This all came to a halt when I herniated my L5/S1 disc in my lower back. The Orthopedist and neurosurgeon both said my long distance running days were over and that I might be able to run a couple of miles slowly as a warm up, but anything more than would be painful. Well, that was numerous 5ks and 10ks, 13 Half-Marathons, 5 Marathons, 13 Sprint triathlons, 5 Olympic triathlons, 8 Half-Ironman(70.3) distance triathlons and 1 Ironman ago. This came after extensive research in biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, testing my theories and then applying them. Obviously my formula for reducing the impact on my back worked. I continue to train and run races whenever I can. This year, 2013, I plan on continuing and competing in 2 Ironman distance triathlons along with numerous other races on my way to my goal. Due to my success I now coach running and running form for numerous different clubs and running stores and I think it has come to be my passion. To get people out and running and enjoy it.

10 June 2013

I am committed to helping people in their fitness and also using running and triathlon to help local charities. My Personal Charity is the Children’s Dream Fund, which helps terminally ill children and their families in Tampa with special wishes. They try to grant anything from Trips, to bringing family to them whom can’t afford it to getting them an iPad or Laptop. I also support a number of other causes including the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation, the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and disaster recovery like the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and the Hurricane Sandy disaster.


is a fiery, driven triathlete who qualified for both world championships last year and again in 2013 and now trains for the 2016 Olympic games. In my “free” time, I have worked furiously as a national expansion leader for 3 of the world’s largest nutraceutical companies and jet sets across the country speaking on stage in front of thousands of people promoting active fitness, conscious health choices, and home business entrepreneurship.” ~MMB60 Program. I decided to pursue the “unfair advantage” when I began taking my health, lifestyle, and business seriously. After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Biological Science and Psychology, I worked for pharmaceutical companies, witnessing first hand the neglect that modern science dedicated to curing diseases while these companies invested billions of dollars into patent profits just to mask the symptoms of underlying illness. Inside my training program and within my company as well as launching my own non-profit, I aspire to spread a fire that some call “downright contagious”. With documentation from working in the white-coat offices of modern medicine, which eventually gave me the mental resolve to leave it behind for Olympiad training, and the presence she conveys on stage in front of thousands, I am passionate about moving, motivating, and inspiring the vision behind my nonprofit teamPINK, Inc. “Athletic Philanthropy” founded to “inspire, encourage, achieve” As well as my personal & life passion with LifeVantage: June 2013


Promo code: EMatsINTRO25 25% off first order. Custom work for races / race directors We do mats for all NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB the Military and over 300 NCAA schools. The website is Facebook: Twitter:

12 June 2013

Double Life, Single Purpose

Julie Myers

by Bill Shafer, Growing Bolder If you get the chance to see the Nearly Nicks show don’t miss it. There’s just one problem... You will keep forgetting that the person you’re watching is not really Stevie Nicks. It’s Julie C. Myers, the top Stevie Nicks Tribute Artist in the world. She’s got the moves, the voice, the look; she’s the total package. You’ll wonder why Julie ever did anything else. Yet it’s the last place she ever expected to be. Just a few years ago, Julie was at a crossroads in her life. A serious injury had brought an abrupt end to her career as a theatrical dancer, something that had been her passion since she was a little girl. She was faced with having to decide what to do when the one thing you love more than anything else is taken away. “At the time I didn’t think of it in those terms. I thought it was time for me to move on, to live a normal life and maybe those days were over. Maybe I had my fill of that and now I’m supposed to find a job that has health benefits and regular hours. I thought, well it’s time to grow up and do that but as the years went by I found that I was more miserable and more miserable and any chance I had to get back in to entertainment I had to take. I had to take it because as I said I just felt like I was living someone else’s life. And it didn’t feel right.” June 2013 13

Nearly Nicks

She never dreamed that by living someone else’s life she would actually find her answer. Julie had been mistaken for Stevie Nicks for years, only she’d never paid it much attention. Still, it was always in the back of her mind. Even as she tried to forge a new life as a secretary, waitress and even a bartender the inevitable comparisons would keep popping back up until finally decided to give in to fate. “That night I decided you know what? I’m going to get the nerve, I’m going to go and find whatever kind of black chiffon or lace or whatever I can find that resembles Stevie and I’m going to dress up like her for Halloween and just see how it goes!” ” And that was just the beginning. What was a few songs at first, evolved into an entire show. She calls it Nearly Nicks. And she set out on the road. Closing in on the age of 50, Julie Myers was a performer once again. But isn’t that a little late to be starting a new career? “It hasn’t been an issue because number one I don’t feel my age, and again, Stevie Nicks is in her 60s and she’s still performing! I just really believe you should pursue your dreams, even if you don’t know what your dreams are. I didn’t know for the longest time. I was just stuck in this middle ground, wanting to be in entertainment but not really knowing what to do because I was getting a little older...” And she’s discovered it’s never too late to lead a brand new life. She’s re-imagined her dreams in a way that fulfills her and that people want to see. There’s just one other person that she hopes one day to see... And that’s Stevie Nicks herself. “I have had visions and dreams actually of meeting her, being in a room and having her walk in and in one I just break down in tears. She really changed my life. I mean, I love her so much, and to love somebody you’ve never met to that degree because I wanted so much to be back in showbiz so bad and I knew in my heart I was supposed to be and I just didn’t know the vehicle to get me there. And she gave me that.”

14 June 2013

Papa Spyk “A Naughty thing Called Life” June 2013 15


was born in Belgium and grew up in Belgium, South Africa, Florida, and Chile and am now living in England.” I played Professional Rugby in South Africa for most of my sporting life, after retiring I was offered a lucrative modelling contract to be model all over the world. I also acted and did some stunt work on a few films over the next ten years. I then got the lead role in a TV series where I met the lead actress, and fell in love with her and got married. On July 13th 1997, I was cooking dinner in our house, when all of a sudden; it felt as if someone had just stabbed me through the heart with a huge knife. I had never felt such pain before and collapsed on the kitchen floor. I called for my wife and apparently I had no pulse, she thought I was dead. She called an ambulance saying “My husband has just died on my kitchen floor”. They rushed me to hospital. They operated on me, after opening my ribcage they saw that my aorta had exploded in half and had split from my heart all the way down to my legs. The Doctors told my Parents that they had to amputate both my legs because they had died due to the loss of blood flow. Years of using steroids along with the recreational drugs such as cocaine caused my heart to explode. When they said they wanted to amputate both my legs, my father responded by saying “if you do that you might as well pull the plug”, as he 16 June 2013

So the surgeons went to work, they cut my legs in eight places and put a by-pass from my right leg to my left leg and flushed the blood through till my right leg came almost back to life but my left leg remained paralysed. I was told I would never walk again. About a week later I took a turn for the worse and they had to re-operate on my heart again Apparently the sutures they had put in my aorta were coming apart, so they ended up taking out my aorta and replacing it with a plastic one, 3ft worth. I was in a coma for over a month and twice the doctors told my wife, parents and sister to say goodbye to me because in less than ten minutes I would be dead. I then spent the next two years in bed. I went from weighing 250lbs of solid muscle to 110lbs of skin and bones in eight weeks. I was so weak I was unable to feed myself, or get up or be able to go to the toilet. I woke up one day and told myself that I would teach myself to walk again. My parents organised a physiotherapist that would help me achieve this goal. It took me a year and a half of 4 hours a day of the most painful therapy you can imagine, to learn to walk again, but I did it. I kept praying every waking second that I would walk again, meet the girl of my dreams and that I would have a child of my own. And eight years on, I met a girl and she fell pregnant and I am now an extremely proud father of the most beautiful baby girl, called ‘Angelyna’ my very own little Angel.

I had always thought that I had done everything in life, but until I held my own flesh and blood in my hands, I had never really lived, but now I felt truly alive, an experience in itself. I feel this will make a very inspiring story and have now published it as I truly feel it will help many who have given up on life and if I can make a difference to one person’s life, I will be one happy man. I have called my book… ‘A Naughty Thing Called Life…The Complete Story’ by Papa Spyk

It can be purchased on my website at My ultimate dream in life is to have my story made into a Hollywood film, if anyone has any contacts in the film industry please let me know, I so want to see my story on the big screen so I can make a difference to millions of people’s lives. Papa Spyk June 2013 17

I was born in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. I wasn’t supposed to be here right now. I was a frail, unresponsive, and near death at birth, but somehow I lived and I always wondered why. When I turned three, my father decided that the best decision for him, my mom, brother, and 4 sisters was to move to the United States. My parents didn’t have much money. They couldn’t afford clothes for us, so my mom handmade everything. We spent the next years learning English, adapting to the change, and surviving. My parents did not make it past elementary school, so it was crucial for us to experience the luxury of an education. We took our education seriously. I graduated as a multilingual Salutatorian from Fox Tech High School. I wasn’t the prettiest, I wasn’t the most popular, I wasn’t the most confident, but I was smart and that’s all I needed. However, it was during this time that I picked up modeling because it gave me an escape to the pressures of high school. Modeling was a blessing in disguise. It was a way to relax my mind from all the chaos and it made me feel confident, but I’m glad peer pressure was there because it showed me that partying, drinking, and doing drugs was something that I did not want to be a part of in high school. It did nothing for me, so I walked away and began to

18 June 2013

Claudia Martinez

experience the pressure of friends, the pressure of growing up in a bad neighborhood, the pressure of my parents living pay check to pay check at times, the pressure of working at the age of 15 to help them out, the pressure of succeeding in school, and the pressure of putting family first made it difficult to concentrate on school. I learned that rather than letting the stress keep me down, I would put my energy into gaining more skills and professionalism by networking through commercials, print, and national ads by modeling, while playing soccer to help take my stress out in a healthy way. I received my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice with Honors from Our Lady of the Lake University, as a first-generation student. I finished my degree in 3 ½ years with a lot of hard work. I am 22 years old and I am proud of my accomplishments, my culture, and my family who has been there every step of the way. I overcame all the negativity in my life and replaced it with optimism. This is the land of opportunity and coming from where I did, it was either to work hard and take advantage of that freedom or sit around and waste my potential. I now own a flower shop, called Honey Petals, with one of my sisters. It is the most difficult thing we have ever done, but we love challenges. My whole life has been a challenge, but obstacles are only obstacles if you allow them to be. Hopefully one day we can make enough money to make one of my dreams into reality. A dream is to build a no-kill shelter for stray animals in San Antonio, which is also another passion of mine. I love to help others and pass on the wisdom I’ve collected during my harshest times. I want to reach out to Latinas and show them that we can do anything we set our minds to, no matter how difficult it seems. We all deserve a second chance; I did, once I stepped onto American soil. I wasn’t supposed to be alive or where I am today, but now that I am here, I will make a difference. June 2013


Jayne Black

Mrs. Wisconsin International 2013.

20 June 2013

My platform is “Financial Fitness for the Heart�. It is a program that I created to bring awareness to the fact that our financial health and our physical health are interconnected. This is a subject I have been speaking about for over five years after having a life changing moment; I received a phone call that my mother was going to be homeless. In order to understand the impact of this statement you have to know that my mother had not lived in poverty during her life she lived a nice, upper-middle-class life. I grew up with a pool in the back yard in a very nice neighborhood. At the time this happened she was living in Tampa, Florida in a nice condominium. My mother had opportunities to save and to make better financial decisions for herself but she did not. Living for today and not thinking about planning out her future was just the way it was. My mother lived out her years in poverty living on government assistance programs like food stamps and rental assistance. That help provided a roof over her head but the reality of living in poverty is a reality involving no choices, no dignity and no joy. Sadly, today the amount of elderly women becoming homeless continues to rise and it is happening at an earlier age. The fact is, women are living in poverty at twice the rate of men. Homelessness is not the way every person who makes poor financial decisions ends up, but the effects of financial illiteracy can be seen and felt in so many ways in our world. Everyone suffers from the effects of financial illiteracy in our world: young, old, men, and women. Everything from no savings or retirement savings to high credit card debt and student loan debt are just some of the real examples we see. My mother did not leave any worldly possessions behind, but what she did leave behind for me were the keys of wisdom I share in my platform. I am trying to lead others away from her legacy. It was through this experience with my mother that I learned how powerfully our financial health, and the financial stress we have, impacts our personal health. It affects not only our physical health it affects are emotional and psychological health also. The daily financial stress my mother had contributed to her heart disease that contributed to her death in 2011. Excessive stress and long term stress is especially dangerous when your already at high risk for heart disease.

Not to mention that little culprit, “stress” is many times the reason why we engage in other “risk factors” for heart disease like smoking, drinking more, not working out and eating poorly. What I have learned is that our money is not in a box of its own in our lives. It affects every aspect of our life, even our relationships. With over 75% of people in a recent survey stating that money is the number one cause of stress in their life and marriage and continues to be year after year, I feel strongly that NOW is the time to create greater awareness, and why I have made “Financial Fitness for the Heart” my platform. It is my life’s passion to help people avoid situations like what happened to my mother. With the help and support of The American Heart Association and Go Red for Women in Wisconsin, along with The National Financial Educators Council, where I serve as the National Financial Literacy Ambassador and National Spokesperson for the Savings Fund -- together we are working to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to know about “Financial Fitness for the Heart” and we are working to help inspire others to make a commitment for Financial Fitness for Life. If we know that our financial health, when dealt with properly, could reduce our financial stress and in turn reduce a “contributing risk factor” to heart disease that 1 kills in 3 women each year, why would we not want to create greater awareness about this topic? Too many women are dying each year of heart disease and too many women are living life filled with financial stress which is impacting other areas of their life. It is time to change the statistics. Remember, stress is a controllable risk factor and 80 percent of heart disease is controllable. I believe we really can change the fact that 1 in 3 women die of heart disease each year. I know we can.

Jayne Black, Mrs. Wisconsin International 2013 Founder of Saving Smart for 5 Generations h t t p : / / w w w. y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? f e a ture=player_embedded&v=52SC6CsPWa0 June 2013


Adelaida Peterson Mrs. Missouri International 2013 Adelaida Peterson, 33, wife and mom of 3, was crowned Mrs. Missouri International 2013 on Aug. 31, 2012. She will proceed to compete for the title of Mrs. International 2013 in Chicago, IL in July, along with other women who represent their states and countries. Adelaida’s platform is the fight against human trafficking. Prior to joining the pageant, Adelaida has already been a long time child and women’s rights advocate. Adelaida has an inspirating story to share. Born and raised in the Philippines, she recognized the problems of injustice, poverty, inequality. When she came to the United States, she saw an opportunity to do something about the issues that concern her and many others. She also struggled with health and weight issues. She has problems with high blood pressure, resulting in her giving birth to her third child prematurely. She decided to change her lifestyle, her eating habits. She took the path to health and wellness. She started working out and eating right. She was featured in Fleet Feet Sports Newsletter as its Featured Runner on Sept. 12, 2012 with an accompanying story about her entitled, A Crown and A Cause: Adelaida Peterson. As a runner, she has run races for charities, such as Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Against Breast Cancer, race to help end cancer, The Covering House race to benefit victims of sex trafficking, The International Crisis Aid race to also help victims of trafficking and provide rehabilitation. Awarded by 2 City Mayors of 2 countries… Adelaida was awarded with a Proclamation by Chesterfield, MO Mayor Bruce Geiger on Sept. 19, 2012, the Mayor proclaiming that day as “Adelaida Peterson Day” for her winning Mrs. Missouri International 2013 and her efforts in the fight against human trafficking. On Jan. 18, 2013, 10,000 miles away from the USA, Adelaida was awarded the Key to the City by Manila, Philippines Mayor Alfredo Lim. Humanitarian efforts in the US and overseas… Aside from running races that benefit different social causes, especially fighting human trafficking, Adelaida has also been a speaker for different events, speaking about human trafficking and efforts to try to end it. 22 June 2013

She was the speaker for the following events: National Human Trafficking Awareness Day hosted by the St. Louis Rescue and Restore Coalition, International Crisis Aid Run/Walk for Freedom benefiting victims of sex trafficking. She will also be speaking in October at an event to be hosted by Citizens Against Pornography. When she visited the Philippines in January, she was the guest speaker at her alma mater during the University’s Jobs and Careers Fair that inspired the next batch of college graduates. She also met with Pamela Pontius, Political Officer to the US Embassy Manila, and discussed with her, human trafficking and worldwide efforts to fight it. She also visited World Vision Philippines and Bantay Bata (Child Watch) 163. Bantay Bata provides a safe home for children rescued from abuse. Adelaida has also been in the media and received good coverage from the following:

Mrs. Missouri Raises Awareness of Human Trafficking October 3, 2012 From St. Louis Review By Joseph Kenny mrs-missouri-raises Beauty Queen Fights Human Trafficking September 20, 2012 From FOX 2 News By Anthony Kiekow Chesterfield Woman Crowned Mrs. Missouri International, Vows to Fight Human Trafficking September 3, 2012 From Chesterfield Patch By Carlos Restrepo Fil-Am beauty queen to campaign vs. human trafficking in PHL November 29, 2012 From GMA Network News By Andrei Medina Under Pinoy Abroad: Pinoy Achievers Adelaida continues to inspire people to keep on pursuing their dreams because to her, everything is possible. She has also successfully broken barriers and entered modeling inspite of her very petite frame (Adelaida is under 5’4”). She has done an industrial film for Anheuser-Busch, appeared in commercial for RCN Cable, has been interviewed and appeared on FOX 2 News TV and ANC News Channel. She has also appeared in print numerous times and has done fashion/ runway shows for L’Oreal/PureOlogy, National Green Center, Say Yes to the Dress St. Louis Brides to benefit the fight against breast cancer. As of writing this, she has 2 more fashion/runway shows lined up: Live 2 Give Festival and Hispanic Festival Quinceañera. Adelaida graduated BS Psychology in 2002 from Centro Escolar University and was a former licensed day care owner and early childhood educator in good standing when she lived in FL. June 2013


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