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Bible for a Year Quiz 16 How Well Did You Read? Exodus 1. List the 10 plaques God put on Egypt, to encourage Pharaoh to let the children of Israel go.

1 Samuel 2. In chapter 26, what does David say to Abishai when he has the opportunity to kill Saul?

Psalms 3. Finish this verse, in chapter 46, “There is a river_________________________________.”

Job 4. In chapter 32, how does Elihu address Job and his friends in verses 7-9?

Jeremiah 5. Explain God’s purpose for showing Jeremiah the work of the potter in Jeremiah 18?

Mark 6. In chapter 11, after Jesus curses the fig tree and it withers, when the disciples are amazed, what does Jesus say to them?

I Corinthians 7. Verse 54 refers to death being swallowed up in victory, from what verse in Isaiah 25 is he quoting?

Bible Quiz 16  

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