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Dr John F Demartini is both director of Demartini Seminars and founder of ‘The Concourse of Wisdom’, one of the world’s largest and most inspirational personal and professional development companies – spanning some 50 countries and reaching tens of thousands of people each year. Sharing his wisdom is his destiny, but to understand Dr John Demartini’s business you must first understand the man. By Jonathan Jackson


r John Demartini’s destiny was set at the tender age of seven after he was informed of a learning disability that would severely impair his growth. “I was told by my first grade teacher Mrs McLaughlin, in front of my parents that I had learning and reading difficulties,” says John. “In retrospect it was this moment in my life that ultimately became the precursor to wanting to master the art of communicating.” Like many entertainers and entrepreneurs who were told to do one thing but instead followed their own dreams, John today is a sophisticated, graceful educator and entertainer, imparting his skill and knowledge with a style that positively effects tens of thousands of people. He has much to say and glides across the stage in an effortless embrace of knowledge and the art of communication. It’s a far cry from the seven-year-old boy who was diagnosed with dyslexia. By age 14 John had left home for California unsure of his life’s direction but with a penchant for the surf. He spent a few 44 wealth creator

years on the streets and by 17 had headed to Hawaii to surf the famed waves of Oahu’s North Shore. While there he suffered from strychnine poisoning and almost died. It was this near death experience that lead him to the wise teachings of an infamous 93 year old doctor named Dr Paul Bragg. ‘Life’ is a Teacher Dr Paul Bragg opened the first Health Food Store in America, was the first to forge ahead for pure water, the first to introduce pineapple and tomato juice to the American public and was the creator of Radio Health programs which inspired millions to go organic. It was also Dr Paul Bragg who turned Dr John Demartini’s life around. Dr Bragg’s story is not so dissimilar to that of Dr Demartini’s. Ravaged by tuberculosis as a teenager, Dr Bragg had to find a way to overcome his severe problems. He developed his own eating, breathing and exercise program to rebuild his body and he essentially became ageless. “Dr Bragg helped me discover my purpose in life,” says John.

Dr Bragg taught John philosophy and self worth. He made John repeat one simple affirmation every day: ‘I am a genius and I apply my wisdom’. Inspired by this daily affirmation John immersed himself in textbooks on religion, philosophy, science and art and became dedicated to seeking wisdom and sharing it with the world. “I feel it is my destiny to do what I am doing. I like to think of the Universe as my playground, the world as my home and every country just another room in my house. Today I see myself as a teacher, healer and philosopher dedicated to the study of universal laws and the awakening of human fulfilment and potential. I don’t believe it was a matter of overcoming the odds, rather embracing the gift within every part of my life and remaining true to my mission in every given moment.” The Art of Communication Wisdom, according to John, comes in the positive application and communication of all that has happened in one’s life. It is about sharing and fair exchange.

“Money is neither good, nor evil, it is simply, money. You can make heaven or hell out of it through any change in your perceptions� - Dr John Demartini wealth creator 45


John visits many 3rd world countries carrying out charity work

Surfing led John to his most influential teacher

Keys to success Clearly and honestly defining your hierarchy of values based upon what your life truly demonstrates. Clearly equilibrating your mind from emotional infatuations, resentments, exaggerations and minimisations. Clearly defining your chief or primary mission or service and primary rewards – the pinnacle top few of such values. Clearly defining your secondary objectives. Clearly linking your secondary objectives and daily responsibilities to your primary mission. Clearly defining your daily action steps to fulfil these objectives into priority. Clearly executing such action steps in an enthusiastic and inspired manner by priority. Clearly following through on your daily priorities until their fulfillment. Clearly being grateful for the opportunity to fulfil such objectives and actions as well as receive such corresponding rewards. Clearly humbling yourself to the inner wisdom that lies within through daily meditation or contemplation as you centre yourself with poise.

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“Dr Bragg helped me to identify a mission statement and write down my goals and objectives for the life I would choose to live. He also said if you help people get to where they want to in life, you’ll get to where you want to be. I’ve been doing that for 32 years now and it’s made a huge difference.” Meeting with Dr Bragg had given John a newfound determination to learn to communicate properly and to fulfil his goals in the health and personal development industries. With a new path clear in his mind John headed for University and studied chiropractic. “When you come close to death you realise just how magnificent the gift of life truly is. Nothing can stand in the way of a dream when you have the courage to live with power and purpose.” In 1978 John graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science Degree. That year he entered the Texas Chiropractic College. While attending, his name was recorded in the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges and International Man of Achievement. In 1982 John received his doctorate and graduated magna cum laude, earning a Special Achievement award in Clinical Practice. A few years later he was asked to present in Las Vegas in front of 8,000 people. It was there that he met another mentor, author and lecturer Wayne Dyer. John asked Wayne for advice on how to become an international speaker. Dyer responded “just tell people that you are an international speaker”. That one affirmation led John to later find himself in Canada giving his first paid international speech.

The Business of Wealth John has very definite, different and compelling ideas about money and wealth. He values money highly and believes those who don’t will have trouble becoming successful. It is his financial management strategies and views on success that allowed his business to grow so rapidly. These are strategies he teaches in his many courses and they complement his philosophies and teachings in relationship building. “Money,” he says, “is neither good, nor evil, it is simply, money. You can make heaven or hell out of it through a change in your perceptions. It is simply your tool to co-create whatever you would love. If you don’t manage money wisely it will run your life. If you do manage it wisely, you will run its life and you will be able to better co-create your dreams with it. No wealthy person created, nor maintained their wealth, without appreciating and valuing money. If you don’t put a value on money and seek wealth you most probably won’t receive it. You must seek wealth for it to seek you.” Following his own destiny into the health fields, he opened up a chiropractic centre that soon became one of the most successful in Texas. Within four years the practice grew to five times its original size. Dr Demartini added five associate chiropractors and support staff. “When I started in business I was a health professional and I built a very large practice very quickly and people wanted to know how I did it,” says John. “That’s when I went into personal development. I realised it’s the head space of professionals that makes the difference.” John’s health and personal development practises grew because he remained true

to his vision and he gave back to a cause greater than his own financial standing – others’ welfare. “It is not only wise to have a purpose for financial freedom, but it is also wise to have within this purpose a cause greater than your own personal needs. Invest in a cause bigger than yourself. You will invest more and others will invest in you and your cause more when your cause is bigger than just yourself.” One of John’s major causes is to help people find their vision and overcome the fears that are holding them back from attaining success and financial freedom. “I’m convinced that deep down everyone knows their vision, but they have fear and guilt and no clear objective. It’s then they convince themselves that success is beyond their reach.” Dr Demartini believes there are five basic fears: 1. People feel they don’t know enough to keep going. 2. People fail in business because they don’t believe they have the skills. 3. People fear they will lose their loved ones dedicating too much time to business. 4. People fear social rejection. 5. The fear of the guilt associated with not being able to see a task through to its completion. John’s program ‘The Breakthrough Experience’ is aimed at helping people overcome their fears. His seminars, reading materials and courses, champion the necessity of balance in life. “Giving and receiving which are false one-sided labels describing a synchronous two-sided event – I call fair exchange. And such fair exchange is one of the greatest laws of life’s economics. One cannot do one without simultaneously doing the other. It is wise to acknowledge this balance and define the forms this balance takes according to your values and dreams and honour their constant transformation.” So it all comes back to values. John has never valued the Concourse of Wisdom, although he says it turns over $US2 million a year in seminar and product sales alone, yet the company is priceless. The Concourse of Wisdom and Demartini Seminars reflects John’s life, his life teachings, his philosophies, his values and his wisdom – it is not a business that can be sold but a philosophy that can be WCM fairly exchanged.

Dr Demartini on wisdom and success “Wisdom is resurrected, not created, for it is eternal not transient. Wisdom and complete purity of thought is acquired by the man/woman who becomes themselves, the man/woman who has attained for a moment a state of equilibrium in thought. Success is the fulfillment of what is most meaningful in your heart and mind that which you feel inspired to fulfil and having the willingness to let nothing come in the way of its fulfilment. It is as much or more so the journey than the destination. Everyone in time will awaken the inner source of wisdom. Many will undergo many initiations, trials and tribulations along the way. The heirarchy of their destinies will dictate their journey. Their journey is their innermost mission, vision and calling.”

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The Art of Communication Wisdom, according to John, comes in the positive application and communication of all that has happened in one’s li...

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